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ANT 208 - Unit 3 - Week 4

by: Stephanie Grates

ANT 208 - Unit 3 - Week 4 ANT 208

Stephanie Grates
GPA 4.0
Anthropology of Sex
Dr. Lynn

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About this Document

Week of 03/30. All class, oral, and powerpoint notes from the week
Anthropology of Sex
Dr. Lynn
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Stephanie Grates on Thursday April 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANT 208 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Dr. Lynn in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 243 views. For similar materials see Anthropology of Sex in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 04/02/15
0330 ANT 208 Unit 3 Week 4 Rite of Passage Rites of passage Canela earpiercing rites O O O O O Undergone by 910 year old boys quotOpensquot boys to knowledge and compliance Boys remain isolated until quottheir childrenquot ear pins grow sufficiently 2 weeks because of sensitive state Advice enters head so must have good large well openedear Unopened ones are analogous to virginity in people and forests and are considered useless and lead to stupidity Female socialization for sequential sex 0 O OWh ooltoooo 0000 0 Girls give virginity to young unattached man fathered no children except as contributing father who becomes her husband stays with him for several months Gets involved in extramarital trysts w other men who become other husbands ls assigned to men s society for ceremonial sequential sex Wins her maturity belt Free period of extramarital affairs until 1st child is born Sticks with father of that child until all children raised do Canela women submit to sequential sex Expectations of gaining a belt a husband and a family Favored route to plentiful source of private extramarital trysts and general social popularity and respect Contributes to societal morale Some women enjoy it Masturbation is prohibited Full intromission is only permitted sexual outlet Good for those who cant nd private EPCs Male socialization for sequential sex 0 Adolescent male gives virginity to postmenopausal women with whom he has had joking relationship since childhood o Goes thru 23 years food and sex restrictions to build strength in other areas 0 Free period of obtaining as much sex as possible 0 Fatherhood limits sexual expression but still has trysts and participates in sequential sex Circumcision o Rite of passage transition to adulthood 0 Boys and girls 0401 Genital Alterations Circumcision o Kellogg creator told family that it would reduce masturbaiton Reasons for circumcision Religious reasons Hygiene reasons To increase sexual sensitivity male and female Be like father Be like other boys Other cultural reasons Reduction of body odor from smegma 0 Reduction of HIV transmission Circumcision as age set puberty ritual o Anglo americans and Jews are pretty much only exception because do at birth 0 Bris Miran 0 18005 0 Jewish males and Muslims 0 8th day after birth 0 Done by Mohel Other types 0 Subincision with circumcision Split urethra from underneath Australia Can open up and atten penis Have to squat to urinate vagina envy o Testicle excision Remove one or more testicles Prevent teinning evil 0 Superincision Split on the top OOOOOOO For cleanliness Castration O O 0 Remove penis Maintain soprano range Famous castrato soprano Farinelli Female genital alterations O O O O Clitoridectomy Clitoris clipped off Excision Clitoris excised and labia taken off ln bulation Removal and closing of to make penetration tighter and smaller lntrocision No tissue removes but vaginal opening made larger Circumcision Female genital cutting Emic vs Etic view of genital alteration O Emic inside Religious requirement Custom and tradition Cleanliness and health Preserves virginity and family honor Furthers marriage goals Patricentrism quotover determination of women s seWhoodquotBoddy Outside reaction to eliminate practices not always welcome even by indigenous women themselves AngloAmericans have similar practices Cosmetic genital alterations O 0000 0 Cosmetic genital alterations Pierced penis or testicles Tattooed penis testicles or public area Penis enlargement Labia or clitoral piercing Tattooed labia clitoris or penis area lban of Borneo 0 Tattoo Appallang O Penis piercing


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