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Business Ethics Notes 10/03/16

by: Makala Schnablegger

Business Ethics Notes 10/03/16 PHI 3360

Marketplace > Metropolitan State University of Denver > Ethics > PHI 3360 > Business Ethics Notes 10 03 16
Makala Schnablegger


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About this Document

The notes cover what we discussed in class on this day.
Business Ethics
Dr. Celeste Rossmiller
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Makala Schnablegger on Wednesday October 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PHI 3360 at Metropolitan State University of Denver taught by Dr. Celeste Rossmiller in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Business Ethics in Ethics at Metropolitan State University of Denver.


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Date Created: 10/05/16
Business Ethics Notes 10/03/16  List 3 aspects, at least, of Korten’s critique of the current manifestation of capitalism?  Dominated by financial speculators  Determine what products will be available  Reshape the values of a culture  Absorb or drive off competitors  Extraction of resources  Fabricating lobbying campaigns o Which one(s) are you most concerned with and why?  The fact that this is all chosen by a small group of people. o With which do you most (dis)agree and why?  I agree with him more or less entirely. o With what evidence does he back up his claims?  Examples of Microsoft and The Internet  What is his attitude towards Adam Smith?  In a proper journal, bias and beliefs remain neutral, but you can see that he may idolize Smith a bit.  Pg52 “process of making money without creating wealth” o What does he mean?  Banks, for example, loan out money that they receive from other bank patrons without actually removing that patron’s money. o How does this process lead to financial trouble and why is that a problem?  For example, that big bank crisis where everyone decided to pull out all of their money at once. Because the bank loaned and invested and everything else, not all of that money was there, which caused a lot of public discourse.  Issues of government subsidies o Who are receiving the subsidies? o What does Korten think of this economic arrangement? I.E. who’s being served and who isn’t benefiting? o If subsidies were stopped, how much money would be available and for what?  What are Korten’s goals? Do you agree or not?  I’d really like to write some non-sense answer such as: how can someone agree or disagree with another person’s goals and dreams?  He opposes the capitalism government and is trying to persuade people to believe that a Market Economy is the way.  What is one thing that you learned from this that is the greatest interest to you?  Probably the fact that I need a day planner with all of my homework in it, because I’m clearly not doing so well at remembering what I need to do Extra Credit: The United States of ALEC A Bill Moyers Special. Watch and report.


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