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Education 130, Week 1

by: Airy Itzel Ramirez-Zuniga

Education 130, Week 1 Educ 130

Airy Itzel Ramirez-Zuniga
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About this Document

First Lecture -theories of education -statistics on minorities in America
Race, Class, and Education Inequality
Howard, T
Class Notes
race, class, Education




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Airy Itzel Ramirez-Zuniga on Wednesday October 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Educ 130 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Howard, T in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Race, Class, and Education Inequality in Education and Teacher Studies at University of California - Los Angeles.

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Date Created: 10/05/16
Lecture 1 Sunday, September 25, 2016 10:55 PM Understandthe life&death nature of education  Educationcan transformlives  Can oppresslives Disruptoppression,inequity&hegemony  How to takeactiveroles  How to dismantlehegemony(hi-jem-uh-nee),Whatis it? o Aggressionorexpansionbylargenationsinanefforttoachieveworlddomination o Synonyms:  Supremacy,domination,control,leadership,authority,command,power,ideology, narrative.  Understandthepowerofyourownnarratives,theysometimesgetsilencedbecause of allthedifferentpeople Oftenthe narrative says that you shouldnotbeenhere,butthen howdid I gethere. Whatis thepurpose ofeducation ?  Folksthat werenotexposedtoformal educationcan stillbehighlyeducated.Youdon’tneed to have formal educationtobe considerededucated.  Sowe have toquestionwhatis intelligence,whatis beingsmart  Formal educationgivesyou access that thosewhodid notreceiveitdidnothave Horace Mann- fatherifEducation  19th century  How can wefindawayto not haveagroup ofpermanentpoorpeople.  Mann saw educationthenasbeyondallotherenviedforhumanorigin  ThomasJeffersonviewededucationas"diffusingknowledgegenerallythroughthemassofthe people  A bibleandanewspaperineveryhouse,agoodschoolineverydistrict-allstudiedand appreciatedastheymerit-aretheprinciplesupportofvirtue,moralityandcivilliberty" -Benjamin franklin Many of themdidnot talkabouteducationfor:  Women,  Poorwhites It was moreforwhitemalesofrichfamilies. Man questionedthecommon schoolof all membersof the human race o Jeffersonquote: JeffersononIndians:  Who wasin mindandpriorywheneducationwasbeingshapedandtalkedabout.Andwhowas beingleftout. theorymatters #1The traditionaltheory:schoolsareProverbialequalizers a. Educationisthe meansbychangingsociety b. Schoolshelpeliminateinequity c. Schoolshelptransformsociety d. Schoolsarespacesforopportunityandincreasingequity. Lecture 1 Sunday, September 25, 2016 10:55 PM e. Individualeffortandchoicedeterminesoutcome. the proofison theprogress:  Graduation&literacyratesofwomenandpeopleofcolorissignificantlyhighertodaythan 50 yearsago  Peopleofcolormakeupthemajorityofsomeof thenationsmostprestigiousuniversities  So obviouslyeduisplayingapart  Racismand sexismarenotover,but significantlylower  Chart:  Look at thepeopleinsociety:  Black presidentforexample Traditionalisttheorysolutiontoinequality  What youdo has abig impacton youroutcome  Encourageindividuals&familiestomakebetterchoicesthatwillimprovetheirlives  Induvialabilityandeffort/persistencedeferringachievement,notgov.Supportedprograms  Victimizationmentalitycontributestolackodeconomicmobility  Sendlesstimeoncultural/ethniceontecandcelebrationinschoolcurriculum.,andspendmore timeonmath, science,reading,writingandtesting #2 liberalisttheory:schoolsarefailingandneedtobefixed  Historyof schoolsshowsdifferencesinopportunities(spring2006)  Discrepanciesinschoolqualities-gapsbetweenthehavesandhavenot's  Academicoutcomesdemonstrateracialachievementgap(Darlinghammond,2010)  Schoolsneedtobethesolution  Increasingdisenfranchiseofurbanandurbal youth. Evidence:  Readingscoresof2014 (chart) •The 2007 NAEP datarevealed that: •25% of White 4th gradersbelow basic in reading •28% of Asian-American 4th gradersbelow basic •56% of Latino 4th gradersbelow basic •59% of African American 4th gradersbelow basic •71% of studentsfrom low-incomebackgroundsbelow basic •Approximately 50% of African American, Latino and certainAPI students graduate from high school. (U.S. Office of CivilRights, 2002).  Whitevsblack andHispanic  Why isit that whitestudentsdroppitlowerthanHispanicandblack?Weare notservingall studentsthewaytheyneedtobeserved.(chart) Solutions  More stateand governmentfundingintolowperformingschools  More afterschoolacademicenrichmentprogramsforimpoverishedyouth Lecture 1 Sunday, September 25, 2016 10:55 PM  Improveteacherquality,buildandsustainbetterschoolsforlowperformingstudentstoclosethe gap. #3 CriticalTheory:schoolsarenotbroken,theyaredoingexactlywhattheyweredesignedtodo  Socialreproductiontheory(MacLeord,1995)  Thehistoryof schoolsshowsexclusionarypractices  Goalsof schoolsareto sort andstratify  Reinforcetheexistingsocial,economicsandpoliticalstructurestokeepcapitalismalive. o Leavethemad theyarecause theyarenot broken  Why doworkingclasschildrenconsistentlyendupinworkingclassjobs? o Structuraltheories(schoolmirri&reproducestructure&practicesofthe capitalist economy)  You haveto havewinnersandlosers  Structuraland culturalcontradictionsallowschoolstoplayakeyroleinmaintaininglegitimate inequality,evenastheypromoteideologyofsocialmobilitythroughopportunityandfair competition.  Thehistoryof schoolsshowsexclusionarypractices Evidence:  Schoolto prisonpipeline  Incarcerationnation  Worlds#1 destinationforincarceration  Theimpact ofpeopleofAfrican&Latin decent  Black andLatino males:75% ofallprisonmates  Black males:1inevery8is inprisonorjailonany givenday  Latino: What do wevaluemore?educationorincarceration  Why dowe spend3xto incarceratethanto educate.  No accidental,thisIsverymuch whyschoolswerecreatedinthefirstplace(thistheorybelieves) Picsof goodschools  What's themessage?  That somelives,education,studentaremorevaluablethanothers Critical theorysolutionto inequality  Dismantlecapitalism:  We wanteveryonetowantto besuccessfulbutwedon’treallywanteveryonetobe successfulweneedpeopletodoeverydaybluecollarwork(cleaning)  You haveto makethemthinktheylostbuthavethemthinkthat itwas theirfaultinsteadof thinkingitwasanyoneelse  You needtohavea fewpeoplemoveup(comefromthebottom)so that theycan say well theymadeit andso you can do itto. Becauseifnobodymovedup themtheywouldknow that educationisrigged.  Capitalismisbasedonahierarchy  Most of ourmoneyin ourcountrycomesfromagriculture.  How can California(6thlargesteconomyinworld) Lecture 1 Sunday, September 25, 2016 10:55 PM  Thefolkwhowork thosefieldsmakepenniesonthedollarcomparedthebillions madefromagriculture.Whynot havethecomeswhoworkthe fieldshavemore profits.  Widespreadincome/wealthinequalitysuggestthatthe nationisnot concernedwithallpeople  Redistributionofresourcesandassets.  Rethinkthepurpose,function,anddesignofschools  Workingcommunitiesarenottaughtto questionwhybutinsteadtojustdothings 1. #4 theory: neoliberalreform  Schoolsareproblematicbutwecan fixthem  Ifwe haveschoolschoicethemletourmostsuccessfulinstitutionsrunschools  Governmentshouldnotbeinvolved What weneedtodo:  Get corporationinvolved  Of theycan behighlysuccessfulthenwhycanttheyrun schoolstoo  Charters. Solutionsaccording gotneoliberalreform:  Ifyou are notperformingthenyouneedtobepenalized,whyarewePuttingmoneyinthese schoolsiftheyarefailing. MEET THE REFORMERS  Walmart (bigbackerofcharterschools)  Lots ofdatashowthat charterschoolsdon’tdoas wellastraditionalschools.  Veryfewdobetterthanthe traditionalschoolsbutalotof themactuallydoWORSEthan traditionalschools  IfI'm goingto needworkers,thenwhatbetterwaythanto ownpoorschools.Theydoan ineffectivejobatcreatingpeoplewhomoveup Whichtheoryresonatesmostwith you? JeffersononIndigenouspopulation: The Indians will astonish youwith strokesof the most sublime oratory; such as prove their reasonand sentiment strong, and their imaginationglowing and elevated. But neveryet could I find that a black had uttered athought abovethe levelof plain narration. . . . "In music, they are more generally giftedthanthe whites with accurate ears fortune and time. . . . believe that dispositionto theftwithwhich they have been branded, must be ascribed to theirsituation, and not to any depravity of the moral sense. The man, in whose favorno laws of property exist, probably feelshimself less bound to respect thosemade in favorof others. . . Notwithstanding these considerationswhichmust weakentheirrespect forthe laws of property,we find among them numerousinstances of the most rigid integrity, and as many as among their betterinstructed masters, of benevolence,gratitude, and unshaken fidelity.."-- From Noteson Virginia, 1785 Lecture 1 Sunday, September 25, 2016 10:55 PM Greatmindsof the Timeon Racial Differences •“Otherracesrepresent(ed) adegenerationfrom the originaltype…just see the shape of skull, face, hair, and color”—JohanBlumenbach, English Scientist 1770 •“Mankind is divided into the white and the beautiful, and the black and the ugly. Only the first had true courage and love of liberty, the second has defectsleading to gentler feelings”—ChrisophMeiners, GermanPhilosopher, •“Caucasians are justified in enslaving Africans or destroying Indiansmerely because of their inferiorintellect.”Dr. Charles Caldwell, PhysicianUniversity of Pennsylvania, 1819


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