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HIST 212 Notes- Oct 4th

by: Lauren Notetaker

HIST 212 Notes- Oct 4th HIST 212

Marketplace > Winthrop University > HIST 212 > HIST 212 Notes Oct 4th
Lauren Notetaker


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About this Document

These notes cover isolationism and the beginning of WWI
United States History since 1877
Andrew Doyle
Class Notes
history, american, WWI, Pre-WWI, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, HIST212
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Notetaker on Wednesday October 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 212 at Winthrop University taught by Andrew Doyle in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views.


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Date Created: 10/05/16
HIST 212 Class Notes Oct. 4, 2016  There were two phases of isolationism o Latin America and Asia (1890-1916) o WWI (1917-1918)  Know the difference between these two, and their dates  Obama has pulled back on expansionism, and Trump wants to continue to do so  Hawaii annexation- refuel ships as they travel o Ships ran on coal at the time o Perfect for getting from San Francisco to China  Latin America o Trade was a big deal with Latin America  At the time, Latin America was just getting into the railroad industry  America wanted to ensure that they were buying all of their materials from us o US was seeking to increase trade network  Establish a military presence  Cuban Independence Movement  Cuban trying to gain independence from Spain o At this point, Spain was a weak and declining empire, and Latin America was its last hope for a world presence o The US declared war on Spain  Spain sunk the USS Maine and 150 people died  Neo-colonialism o The US also annexed colonies like the Philippines and Puerto Rico o The US granted independence to Cuba o The US was starting to dabble in economic and foreign policy  The Platt Amendment  The Panama Canal began as an effort of Columbia for trade o The Chinese took over the canal  Roosevelt- expand US power o Believed in “realpolitik”- German for realistic politics  Don’t try to spread democracy  Focus on expanding power o Wilson solely focused on spreading democracy o Roosevelt, JFK, and Reagan all supported realpolitik  Wilson criticized Roosevelt for intervening in Latin America o Don’t send in the Marines o He felt like Roosevelt always resorted to sending military forces in  Ironically, Wilson intervened repeatedly in Latin America o Just like Roosevelt o Wilson also intervened in the Mexican Revolution  The guys with the guns always take over  Woodrow Wilson in confronted with WWI- 1914 o US joined the war in 1917 o The US waited 2.5 years before joining  This was the most brutal war in modern history to this point o The US went in near the end and became more powerful, dominating world power  They used the same strategy in WWII


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