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ENVR 1401

by: sarahluvscookies

ENVR 1401 ENVR 1401

Richland College
GPA 3.8
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About this Document

Week 1 Notes, Chapter 1 and Quiz 1
Environmental Science 1401
Estifanos Haile
Class Notes
Science, Environmental Studies, Environmental Studies Major, Energy and the Environment, Environmental Ethics, Life Science




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by sarahluvscookies on Wednesday October 5, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENVR 1401 at Richland College taught by Estifanos Haile in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Environmental Science 1401 in Science at Richland College.

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Date Created: 10/05/16
l.1 iiI 1,,:,. 'rt,- A tl - rL or+u\ I ) ENVR 1401 - Quiz 1 Name e- 1, The interdisciplinarytudy of humanity'srelationshipwith otherorganisms and the non-living physicalenvironment istermed: a. ecology ++is*+naff* environmental science n-O developed countries arecharacterizedby: t) 2. Highly ,$gl#-Aeica-* currentneeds without compromising theabilityoffuture generations lp3 The abilitytomeet humanity's to meet theirneeds istermed: entalsustainabilitY. cr--nafurattatanlce. d,...5Y:rerg-isnr' eF--€n+ir€smen+al€cience. O-4 I: P xA x T model can be usedto calculatewhich of thefollowing? -a.- urbanization overPoPuiation ialization \ d. intemational fertilitYtes IffiEfr-rmpactn the environment politicalaction_- e--guUiecdueadion and involvement Inthe scientificethod, a hypothesis b6 facl a,=is"a-statemenLof thatcan be tested c--.-.{tffi:Msi€es arecorrect 7. "The Tragedy of the Commons" refers to: ffirvirenmental theory promoting public ownership of lands and resources. ownership of lands and resources. ween individualinterest andmanagement of ,particularlyfarmers, of developing €rffiffinental problems generated by farming practices. U8 Which of thefollowine*if-vrenewable resource? F-&ees* -a---f,ertilc- 9. To testa hypothesis about a given variable, experimental andcontrol groups are testedinparallel. xplains the dual experiments? ,a chosen variable isalteredin aknown way. In the osen variableis not altereso a comparison can be made. isalteftd ina6d,wn wavlln the h.nld to ut*o1p*islon can be "\g4.h"tr*u\"i#o, \ algroup, a chosen variabiepius ies are aiterecin the chosen variabieis altereh I other variablesare held constant: 1d., the ,lqrd conlrol gl.oupstwo differentvariables are altered. b 9brt11g!gioup experiments areidenticaland run in paralleltoget w 10. The scientificethod starts by establishantheoryand thenrecordsobservations(data)thatwillonly supportthe theory. a. True


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