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PSY 353 Inclass Notes week 6

by: Sydney McCourt

PSY 353 Inclass Notes week 6 PSY 353

Marketplace > Cleveland State University > Pyscology > PSY 353 > PSY 353 Inclass Notes week 6
Sydney McCourt
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Health Pyschology
Bruner,David C
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sydney McCourt on Thursday October 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 353 at Cleveland State University taught by Bruner,David C in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Health Pyschology in Pyscology at Cleveland State University.


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Date Created: 10/06/16
PSY 353 In-class Notes Week 6 Stress: Physiological Concepts; Stressed In-class Stress: Physiological Concepts ● Historical View ○ Health Psychology founded on resolving stress (onset to major illnesses) ■ Focus on Chronic Stress ■ Stress management (intervention with stress) ● Stress increases likelihood of cancer / genetic disease ● “Stress is…” (Student Responses In-Class) ○ Pressure ○ Inevitable ○ Out of comfort zone ○ Imbalance ○ Distracting ○ Warning signal (need for change) ● Stress​: physiological / psychological pressure that can break down human body ○ Limits of stress (based on science of metal working = pressure that can be put on metal before breaking) ■ Origin: (Walter B Cannon): stress= physiological response to challenge or danger ● Fight or Flight response: 1. Fight = address threat 2.Flight = break down Physiological Steps to Stress​: 1. Autonomic Nervous System activates (begining stress reaction) 2. Hypothalamus (master control) initiates response a. Major problems can occur if affected 3. Sympathetic Nervous System kicks on = physical function changes a. Pupils dilate: better vision b. Digestion stops: less blood to assist with stomach = more blood for voluntary muscles c. Increase respiration: Oxygen = brain more alert (blood flow increases) d. Adrenaline released:heart pumps faster/stronger & releases glucose to muscles i. Glucose effects functions of voluntary muscles Example) A car screeches up behind you, you jump out of the road to avoid collision. Chronic Stress: ● “Back up” response to prolonged stress ○ Pituitary gland activates = chemical messenger that activates areas of body to change physical functions ● Cortisol: (produced in kidneys) shuts down functions that require energy to give energy to stress response ○ Ie: ​immune system impacted​ > vulnerable to infectious diseases ■ Medical interns working 60 hour weeks ● General health = unhealthy (recurrent flu / bacterial infections) ■ Concentration Camps Chronic Stress (high death rate) ● Vulnerable to disease / infections (immune system shuts down) ○ Common cold kills organism under chronic stress Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome ● 3 phases: 1. Alarm Phase: processes threat (understand stressor); responds with sympathetic NS activation 2. Resistance Phase: body-mind fight; resists challenge 3. Exhaustion Phase: fight stress but energy is depleted; worn down ● Energy Expenditure and Immune System ○ Large impact stress ○ Negative effects ○ Weakened immune system as result from stress


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