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by: KelseyS Notetaker

Algeria THEA-UT 747-001

KelseyS Notetaker
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

these notes cover week 5 of the course House of Wives, The Veil, and some history of Algeria
Arab Theatre
Edward Ziter
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by KelseyS Notetaker on Thursday October 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to THEA-UT 747-001 at New York University taught by Edward Ziter in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views. For similar materials see Arab Theatre in Theatre at New York University.


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Date Created: 10/06/16
10/6 The ottoman empire ruled much of north Africa and the middle east up until the first world war. They also ruled Algeria. The French invaded Algeria in 1930 and a third of the French army was stationed in Algeria and created a large settler population refered to as the pie noir rise to be about 10% of the population. Break up tribal lands and create large farms for the settler population, and the pop in Algeria fell by a third due to disease, war.. france drafter tons of Algerians to fight for france the nationalist movement intensified after WWI lots of agitation for independence after WWII starts to be a guerilla war by 1956 france sent half a million troops to algeria destruction of villages, torture, execution, mass deaths of civilians, while france grants independence to Tunisia and morocco. They decide they are going to paralyze the city of Algiers Charles DeGaulle comes to power Referendum in 1962 After the war the fln is a social islamist party one party dictatorship starts to be Islamic militancy Riots and new constitution is drafted in 1989 that allows for opposition parties 1992 the Islamic salvation front FIS and they are about to win and the gov cancels the election and announces emergency laws no freedom of press detains people etc and those laws stay in effect until 2011 similar to Egypt suspension of provisions of the constitution the emergency is openended. Tremendous violence FLN returns to power FIS calls for a truce but continues to be violence after the truce fighting begins to die down but not entired violence against women, playwrights, etc Authoritarian state Abdelaziz Bouteflika current president constitutional amendment so he could continue being president, finally rescinded emergency laws to prevent revolution from spreading to Algeria The Veil 1987 Narrator talks for a really long time in the beginning and at times he summarizes language of characters in the play at times basically speaking their lines Get this omniscient view Midpoint between traditional story telling and drama Trying to create this indigenous theatre His birth and his naming, the narrator feels the need to share w us, he was supposed to be named something different, his father is killed before he can hold him by gov forces and his father is a farmer on colonial lands, his father was a sharecropper on the land of the French settlers and he becomes a union organizers, gets imprisoned, then exiled then dies at sea Wanted his son to have a strong name but the son grows up in his uncles home and is misnamed, took in deham and forgot to register him as living w him, so on the day when he is going to get circumsized he runs to register him but ends up getting interrogated and forgets everything and cant remember the name so comes up with the name berhum In the end return his original name deham and starts to grow his nose back Somehow separated from his proper identity that should be viewed w strength so keeps repeating behram the timid About a misnaming instead of naming to keep on legacy, misnaming shows a fracture in the legacy In the end tries to reclaim the legacy that they should have had without the colonial intrusion But all this has no relevance to the play Not exposition about the storyline but exposition about social conditions First line from character in the play behrum says he would do some small deed in my life, articulating some small wish, then immediately taken away from him, then narrator takes on voices of different characters The boiler, filing a complaint and going to prison, the cemetery- way to divide up the play The boiler- introduced when 3 other workers show up and ask him to help fix the boiler, hes freaking out in scene proceeding this, sustain this joke for much longer than it should be, logically should end when he tells her whats wrong but she keeps not answering, arrests forward development but presents behrum as nervous and anxious, develops character and distinction of the capacity to act, he cant take action, the difficulty of acting in this play world, boiler doesn’t work another thing to say the factory is in peril, problems w getting water and clean water, paper mill has tons of problems, goes beyond the machine, they torture him and they cut off his nose Filing a complaint and goes to prison- then goes to file a complaint and they send him to prison but in yet another digression he goes to a flee market first he sees people reaching in each other’s pockets as they call out justice. Shows up at police station and they think hes a terrorist so they are afraid of him but when they realize hes not they interrogate him and throw him back in prison Cemetery- peculiar ending, gov finds him here, they’ll use your family against you, the cemetery is foreign land covered by immunity it’s a foreign Christian cemetery international issue w france gov never taking responsibility for its actions, france the colonizer continues to own our cemetaries, “this is a political matter”- last line of play, implies the entire play is a political matter, he says there are tunnels and the dogs wont be able to follow him because they’ll be taking up the smells of the dead, maybe signifies a revolution is awaiting, hes going on the run and there will be a revolution Actual revolution killed the playwright, violence followed but it was horrific House of Wives Start with the ancestor “I no longer have the right to speak” conflict of where rights exist even when functional rights don’t exist women has power through her control of her sons, she can no longer have children and her son is dead so place she would continue to have power is gone, has no place in society bc her son is dead but she continues to think unbeknown to everyone else, so she has a perspective if not a value, nahnuna becomes ancestor when son is no longer controlled by her, the minute you cant control your son you have less value than a cow Nahnuna is incredibly oppressive, oppresses her son and other women She was married at 11 and she hated the man she married The fln was the resistance the father was active in the fln Shes incredibly weak but eventually she can exert her will over the situation she bears 9 sons so through her sons she can exert her will over the sons and at some points all 9 of them die left with this one son Terrible human being created out of these conditions Sense in this play that things have changed for the worse after liberation Sheets are bloody in islam you sign a marriage contract but the marriage doesn’t take place without consummation and in 7 days if consummation doesn’t take place marriage didn’t take place so when bloody sheet is presented there is proof that consummation took place party doesn’t end until the display of the sheet Ill marry him but in 7 days he wont be able to consummate and then I can leave because hes intimidated by me and demonstrate shes a virgin and his pride will be destroyed and he will never be able to take another wife no more second mothers and takes an ax to the loom


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