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AFRCNA 0031 Week 12 Notes

by: Aileen Ryan

AFRCNA 0031 Week 12 Notes 0031

Marketplace > African Studies > 0031 > AFRCNA 0031 Week 12 Notes
Aileen Ryan
GPA 3.3
Michael Tillotson

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About this Document

Here are the notes for Thursday, April 2nd. Our test was on Tuesday, March 31 so there are no notes for that day.
Michael Tillotson
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aileen Ryan on Thursday April 2, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 0031 at a university taught by Michael Tillotson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 178 views.

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Date Created: 04/02/15
April 2 2015 The Africana Critical Theory and The Sociology Project AfricanCentered Sociology The critical study of the structure an functioning of the Black community as a whole 0 The various units and processes which compose and define it and its relations with people and forces external to it 2 Dichotomous Trends 1 Knowledge as an instrument as hegemony 2 Knowledge as an instrument of liberation i Struggle against colonialism domination Locations for Understanding o FORT 0 Resistance illuminatesbrings forth Agency RT What were some ideas that neutralized and suppressed Africana peoples Agency ability to actualize oneself in the world 0 Nature vs nurture argument 0 Colonial Christianity 0 Colonial education 6 epochs Eurocentrism Sharecropping 0 Economic Jim Crowe o All connected to oppression Africana studies challenged sociology to understand reality because they were taking an ahistorical approach to human history Africancentered sociology Served as a theoretical methological and practical approach for implementing transformative change in the experiences of traditionally marginalized and disenfranchised populations Texts The MisEducation of the Negro by Carter Goodwin Woodson The Death of White Sociology by Joyce Lad ne 0 Late 196OSearly 19705 Eurocentric sociology saw black Americans as problem people at that time 0 African studies says spend and equal amount of time looking at the Structures institutions sanctioned by lawde jure before calling them problem people Problem People Thesis 0 Genetic and cultural pathology is inherent in the AfricanBlack being Mainstream Sociology Focused on social control and a gradual change in race relations through existing institutional structures Mainstream sociology also assigned responsibility to the oppressed for their own oppression rather than to the effects of institutional inequality societal restrictions and class imbalances Order Equilibrium Model 0 Society is a structural arrangement made up of interdependent parts each contributing to the equilibrium of the system 0 Any phenomenon that upsets this equilibrium is regarded as problematic 0 Civil Rights Movement 0 Reconstruction attempted to 0 Brown vs Board of Education 0 They were seen as problematic because this model wanted to restore order Homeostatic State 0 Emphasized the reactive and pathological in African American life Denied that African Americans possessed any inherited culture of their own lacked the capacity to act effectively in their own interests 0 Aspired to be assimilated and to disappear as a racially distinct population Black Sociology Emerged as a response to the 19605 with the objective correcting the dominant myths stereotypes and misinterpretations of the African American experience presented in the sociological literature Black Sociology s Core Themes 0 Black Sociology raises questions about the bearing of 1 Inequalities in the distributions of political and economic panege 2 Social conflict 3 Racerelated social identities on the conduct of sociological inquiry in a society deeply influences by institutional inequities Areas of Research Emphasis 1 Identifying factors that contribute to an understanding of Black people s behavior including determinants of social oppression which when eradicated will facilitate the release of Black people from racerelated social oppression 2 Racialand classbased analyses of intergroup relations especially focusing on social conflict and social change 3 Critical perspectives in analyses of established social institutions with a focus on racialized survivals in the structures and social effects of existing organizations American Sociological Association ASA Task Force Report 2005 o Sociology as a discipline has never fully developed its promise to apply the tools and knowledge of sociology beyond the academy II Public Sociology o A type of sociology that seeks to bring sociology to publics beyond the academy promoting dialogue about issues that influence the fate of society ASA Task Force Emphasis Encouraging research that addresses social problems conveys sociological insights and applies the sociological knowledge to solving social problemsquot 0 African American people not seen as object but as subject Africancentered Sociology Realized Potential 0 Has demonstrated the potential to respond to these concerns by incorporating Black Sociology s focus on praxis and integrating an Afrocentric approach The 3 Paradigms 1 The Deficiency Paradigm i Black American have no real culture enslavement destroyed it 2 The Crusian Paradigm i Cultural oppression is tightly interlocked with political and economic oppression ii Text The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual by Harold Cruse iii Builds on idea of DuBois in contemporary setting 3 Kawaida Paradigm i key to the process of cultural construction and reconstruction is the ongoing dialog with African culture ii culture was destroyed through a few sections of the epochs


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