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by: Olivia Bannerman


Marketplace > University of Washington > History > GWSS 200 A > OCTOBER 6TH LECTURE NOTES
Olivia Bannerman

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About this Document

Lecture notes for October 6th and movie notes.
Intro Womens Studies
Amanda L Swarr
Class Notes
transgender, emotions, Feminism, human sexuality, feminist
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Olivia Bannerman on Thursday October 6, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GWSS 200 A at University of Washington taught by Amanda L Swarr in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Intro Womens Studies in History at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 10/06/16
10.6.16 LECTURE NOTES Systems of Privilege and Inequality -Extra readings for Tuesday in addition to book reading. ○ B110 - Transfer Meeting October 11th 3:30-4:30 - Long history of Acadmia and Activism - Centralizing the experiences and theories of women of color and critiques of racism. - Kimberle Crenshaw introduced Intersectionality in 1989 o "The complex facets of discrimination and exclusion in a society whole members with often complex racial, gender or sexual identity” o Can experience bias in multiple ways - Multiplicity of bias Oppression VS. Privilege How do these intersect? - GWSS highlights these intersections well. How is it different from multiracial feminism? - Overlaps greatly, differ slightly by term, multiracial feminism isn't an identity term. Women of color feminisms - Contemporary term - Shows how women of color are excluded from "women" - Inseparability of race and gender - Address them together Pg 52 2.1 figure - Great example of different categories beyond simple ones. - Oppressing men. - Feminism is not always about women being oppressed by men. ○ Different factors come into play - Race class and location □ Exercising own agency within that - Capacity or freedom to act ○ How individuals interact with the world despite the oppressive expectations Agency - Agency is a great way to avoid position people as victims - Chicana Feminisms - Black feminism a - Indigenous feminisms Hierarchies among women - Translation Feminisms ○ What it means to be a woman ○ Critiquing the idea of global sisterhood - Addressing hierarchical relationships found between regions, crosses borders ○ Privilege puts others as an advantage - Oppression puts some people at disadvantage ○ Privilege is more about dominance and having control because of factors ○ Theory of privilege ○ Testing the theory - Position for men □ Can be negative and positive How is masculinity challenging for men? ○ Gender - "Something everyone must want" How does privilege work? ○ What does it mean to look at that carefully? - UNEARNED PRIVILEGE IS NOT GOOD FOR THE DEVELOPEMNENT OF INDIVIDUALS OR SOCIETY What should we know about privilege? Video Log- WHICH STORIES ABOUT PRIVILEGE AND INEQUALITY STAND OUT THE MOST TO YOU? HOW DOES THIS FILM DEMONSTRATE INTERSECTIONALITY? EXAMPLES HOW DO EXPECTATIONS ABOUT GENDER AND SEXUALITY LIMIT THE STUDENTS INTHIS FILM? SPECIFICALLY, HOW ARE FENDER AND SEXUALITY POLICED AND BY WHOM? Straightlaced (2009) ○ A "typical" Mexican guy - Wardrobe expectations - Thinking of others when developing self image - A want to feel loved and appreciated ○ Big boobs, big butt and a tiny little waist - An ideal woman - Quickness and thickness - Young men's expectations for women ○ Show cleavage but not too much ○ Short but not too short - Dressing for girls is an ordeal Girls who wear clothes that are tight but too tight are judged negatively, girls who wear loose clothes are judged too. - Wearing a scarf - Wearing a purple shirt might mean your gay Colors have no sex ○ No reason they can’t ○ Prejudice against them - Men getting nails done Manicures- -doesn't mean you are a giggly girl and can’t do "masculine things" Just because you like dressing up and going out, does not confine you to certain norms. Or does it? Hip Hop culture “is for” males and not females - A male wanting to do yoga but not cause it’s a girl thing - Male dancers are seen as weak and gay, but actually aren't - Hobbies, looks, styles Guys don't have the freedom to just do what they want to do. Thin girl with chubby guy, no chubby girl with thin guy Some guys dating a girl who is more intelligent makes them uncomfortable and they don't like it. Playing w/ Gender roles - Genders are not binary - Checking a gender box o Transgender  Bi sexual Gendered products- - Women's backpack - Towels - Trash cans - Golf balls - Gendered cards Breaking gender roles scares people. - Crying is not acceptable - Not allowed to be over excited. - Certain emotions can only be shared by men - Actions of people who do not have a "normal" sexual identity are read into in an unfair way. - Gay people are not protected, they are asked to change their ways, other people wont be kind.


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