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CS: Brenda Forester

by: Micah Haji-Sheikh

CS: Brenda Forester EDU 202-2001

Micah Haji-Sheikh

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About this Document

The notes on the Brenda Forester case study
Introduction to Secondary Education
Robert Shkorupa
Class Notes
Teaching, Language, Arts, Education
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Micah Haji-Sheikh on Friday October 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to EDU 202-2001 at College of Southern Nevada taught by Robert Shkorupa in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Secondary Education in Education at College of Southern Nevada.


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Date Created: 10/07/16
“The educational philosophy of a preservice teacher is challenged after observing a writing process classroom.” Brenda Forester ​- Future teacher, taking a Language Arts methods class Dr. Ellen Garrison​ - Teacher of the methods class, believes there is more to teaching ______________t ​ han book study. Janet Henden ​- Elementary school teacher Brenda talks to Dr. Garrison about being uncomfortable with how the material is being taught in the in the language arts methods class Brenda is taking. Brenda feels that Dr. Garrisons teaching won’t actually work in a real classroom, as it's not the traditional style. Brenda feels like the average student won’t ‘step up to the plate’ of this particular teaching style. Brenda worries she won’t learn how to teach Language Arts in the classroom. Dr. Garrison offers to lend Brenda some textbooks so she’ll feel more comfortable, but until Brenda sees the process in action, she won’t be able to fully understand it. The school Brenda is assigned to is extremely traditional, and it’s methods don’t match what Brenda’s learning in her class. She feels very skeptical about the whole thing. Brenda gets assigned to Janet Henden, a very creative 4th grade teacher. The students in the class are using the same method Brenda is learning about. Janet reads a story, and after the students states some of their observations to the class. Following this, the students move to work on their own stories. As Brenda observes the class, she worries about the amount of freedom the students are given. Though she observed many a spelling error, and not every student was on task, Brenda had not seen a cals as heavily engaged as this one. After a time, a student shares her story, and the students make observations following the story. Brenda was shocked that Janet did not offer her own critiques of the student’s work. After the class leaves, Brenda asks Janet a few questions, and realizes her personal philosophy might be more traditional than she originally thought it to be.


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