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ENG 303: Ocean's Eleven

by: Christina Horton

ENG 303: Ocean's Eleven ENG 303

Christina Horton
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

Overview of movie, quotes taken from movie and IMDB
Cinematic Auteurs
Kevin Esch
Class Notes
auteur, auteurs, soderbergh, english, Cinema, Film
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christina Horton on Friday October 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 303 at 1 MDSS-SGSLM-Langley AFB Advanced Education in General Dentistry 12 Months taught by Kevin Esch in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Cinematic Auteurs in Literature at 1 MDSS-SGSLM-Langley AFB Advanced Education in General Dentistry 12 Months.


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Date Created: 10/07/16
Ocean’sEleven (2001)  First Section Eight production  Remake of a film from Danny Ocean –GeorgeClooney Virgil Malloy –CaseyAffleck TessOcean –JuliaRoberts Turk Malloy–ScottCaan Frank Cotton–BernieMac Livingston Dell–Eddie Jemison Rusty Ryan –BradPitt Yen –Shaeobo Qin Reuben Tishkoff–Elliot Gould Saul Bloom/Limon Zerga –CarlReiner LinusCaldwell–MattDamon Basher Tarr–DonCheadle Terry Benedict–Andy Garcia (Danny) Ocean’s crew (11): Danny, Frank, Rusty, Reuben, Linus, Virgil,Turk, Livingston, Yen, Saul, Basher  Shot of an empty metalchair,center composition.  DO sits in chair,set in prison. Ata Parole Hearing. First lines: Woman’s Voice: Good Morning Danny: Morning Woman’s Voice: Please state your name for the record. Danny: Daniel Ocean …. Woman’s Voice: What do you think you’d do if released? Danny: *Small smile* cue music (close-up shot of DO)  Danny released from prison in atux.  AtlanticCity,NJ: DO rises up in an elevator of acasino. Observing. DO sees Frank Cotton (going by the name Ramon) he is a blackjack dealer.DO callshim by his name,FC denies his name, saysits Ramon. “Ramon” sends DO to Caesar’sPalace,DOleaves the table  DO + FC ata bar talking  Hollywood, CA:Shot of Rusty Ryan eating,Topher Grace(as himself) talksto RR about $$.  RR teaching “TeenBeat”cover boys of the time to play poker (Holly MarieCombs, Topher Grace,Shane West, Joshua Jackson, BarryWatson – all asthemselves)  RR on break atthe bar,direct (in the middle) camerashot  RR comes back to poker tableand sees DO,they exchange glances.DO triesto hustle the “TeenBeats”but wins.  DO + RR leave in a car,go to a bar…  DO tellsRR his plan to rob the Bellagioa Vegascasino  RR questions why DO wantsto do it Rusty: I need the reason. And don’t say money. Why do this? Danny: Why not doit? [Rusty shakes his head] Danny: Cause yesterday I walked out of the joint after losing four years of my life and you’re cold-decking “Teen Beat” cover boys. [pause] Danny: Because the house always wins. Play long enough, you never change the stakes. The house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet and youbet big, then youtake the house. [pause] Rusty: You’ve been practicing this speech, haven’t you? Danny: Little bit. Did I rush it? Felt I rushed it. Rusty: No, it was good, I liked it. The “Teen Beat” thing was harsh.  Vegas:DO + RR at Reuben Tishkoff’s house. Reuben eats,all at the table.RT triesto talk them out of robbing casinos. Reuben: Look, we all go way back and uh, I owe you from the thing with the guy in the place and I’ll never forget. Danny: That was our pleasure. Rusty: I’d never been to Belize  DO + RR getup, walk away,RT wantsto know which casinos…DO says the Bellagio…TerryBenedict’scasinos. RT now interested   Virgil Malloy and Turk Malloy atracetrack,(They arebrothers). Virgil drives remote controlled car,Turk same model but actualcar.Turk crushes it with his wheelsand laughs.  Livingston Dell,techie for the police or some kind of surveillance team,they call him “Radio Shack”  Basher Tarr,arrested for robbing a safe. RR comes over,pretending to be an ATFagentand grabsBT,they escape together  DO + RR atChinese circus to getYen then “Grease Man”  DO + RR talk about Saul…  Saul in St. Pete,FL. RR goesto Saul, Saul says he saw him before they approached. Saul is atthe dog races.R tries to convince S, whispers scam in his ear and leaveshim to make his own decision.  DO + RR ata bar,they have 10 people in the crew,need one more…  Chicago.IL: Linus Caldwell on a train,DO watched hisand trailshim. LCis a “pickpocket”.DO slips LCa card where the wallethe stole was,to meethim ata pub.  They meet atthe pub, DO offers him the job.  Vegas:Reuben’s house, almost all show up atthe door  DO beckons all inside and presents the plan: around $150 million in avault, all getequal share. All in  1 task: Reconnaissance, everything about everything guards,schedules etc.  2 task: Power,shutting it down rd  3 task: Surveillance, eyes and earson everything  4 task: Construction, replica of the vault th  5 task: Intelligence, LCwatchesTB,learnsschedule  6 task: transport.FC getsexpensive car,hustles dealer  Saul getsfit for asuit, DO asks him if he’s ready…Ssays if he ever askshim thatagain,he won’t wake up in the morning.  Saul becomes Limon Zerga,Virgil and Turk as bodyguards  LC tellsRR whathe hasdiscovered about TB,very organized,a “machine”,prompt, good business man, intelligent and thatTB meetswith awoman everyday….TessOcean (Danny’s ex-wife comes down the escalator) RR realizeswhy DO wantedto rob TB’shotels  RR threatensDO thathe will leave the plan, but stays on after hearingDO out.  TBnot very affectionatewith Tess, she goes to kiss him and he says “in my hotels thereis alwayssomeone watching.”  Saul/Zerga wantsto speak with TB about something important,Zerga posing asa very rich Russian gentleman…  TO atrestaurant,expecting TBbut getsDO,he isbehind her and says “hello”  DO says he came therefor her, TO not having it,she wantshim to leave.  Danny: Doeshe make you laugh? Tess: He doesn’t makeme cry.  Saul + TB– briefcase arrivingwith fake jewels, Saul wantsTB to put it in the vault…  DO +TO,DO wantsher to leave TB,not for him, just not TBin general(possibly alluding to TB not being good enough for TO)  TBfinally arrives(meeting with Saul is whatheld him up) atdinner and meetsDO, he can sense something is weird.Bring up prison to DO,making DO sound like scum and showboating his relationship with TO by kissing her hand in front of Danny. Jerk face move  Group meeting,RR tellsthe schedule of events.  BIG problem, Bash suggests anew way to knock the power out,with a “pinch”, could knock the power out in Vegas for 30 seconds. Only one place thathasone big enough…  Luckily it’s in CA (not far) Institute…LCleft in van with Virgil and Turk (LC doesn’t want to be stuck with those two goons) and goes inside afterDO, Bash and Yen.As LCgoes in, the restcome out with “pinch” and drive away.RealizeLC is gone,they see lightsand guards and look for LC,he breaksa window and they bring the van close so he can jump on the roof. Yen hurts his hand on the van door when it swings closed  LC,DO + RR in elevator,problem, DO hasbeen red flaggedby TB,LCouts him to everyone about the incident at dinner. RR kicks DO out, says he’s a liability,LC takesDO’splace in heist…  RR coaches LCon how to look, RR forgetsto tell him an important thing… Rusty: You look down, they know you're lying and up, they know you don't know the truth. Don't use seven wordswhen four will do. Don't shift your weight, lookalways at your mark but don't stare, be specific but not memorable, be funny but don't make him laugh. He's got to like you then forget you the moment you've left his side. And for God's sake, whatever youdo, don't, under any circumstances...  Heist Night:Saul’s “briefcase”arrives, someone in casino recognizesSaul, he ignoresit but TB giveshim a weird look, does not trust him.  TBsees DO in the casino, tellsone of his men to grabhim.  Virg.And Turk pushing a cartaswaiterswithYen inside.  LC hasLD + RR in his ear helping him  LC approachesTB about FC (thathe isa bad guy with arecord)  TBtriesto trickLC,it doesn’t work.  DO grabsTess, she sayshe won’t win her back,DO tells her goodbye and slowly kisses her on the cheek.Tess just stares  DO confronted by TBmuscle…  LC,TB+FC in conference room, LCsays FC is a convict  V + T deliver Yen…  FC getsfired, big scene for TB,LC“leaveshis pager”and TBleaves…  DO with muscle, in aroom with no cameras,iswaiting for TBbut realizesthat he is isn’t coming.  Yen dropped off but Saul’s briefcase is put on top of where Yen needs to getout.  A big guy comes into DO’sroom and punches him, DO says ‘not yet, Bruiser!’it’sclear they know one another and Bruiser is there to help DO,helps him into the ceiling…  TB+ T ata boxing match  Saul faints, LC getsaway with it and is in elevator to go out the top, DO scareshim, says he is coming too  RR comes asa “doctor” for Saul, he “dies”  DO + LC in elevator shaft…  Bruiser pretends to beatup DO with fake noises  Bash activatespinch, itworks, Vegasgoesout for 30 seconds, LC+ DO go down shaft, power comes back on as they land.  Yen triesto getout, catchesbriefcase just in time  DC+ LC put guardsout with agas,tie em’ up, Yen over jumps and almost falls, getshand caughtin door right before the door getsblown up. Detonatordoesn’t work,LC puts in batteries,then it works, they go for the money….  RR’s turn: Tess’s pocket isringing, claiming itsnot hers. Answers, RR says he wantsto talk to TB.RR tellsTB thatit’s the man who isrobbing him  Tess figuresout that it wasDanny who slipped her the phone when he kissed her on the cheek  TBdoesn’t wantTess around for this, so she leaves and waitsaround attheir penthouse  RR tellsTB the plan, thatTBcould keep half the money if he follows his instructions.  Tess finds RR on the casino floor, TBcalls the cops  The bagswith the “money” leave, SWAT arrives. TBsays to RR “run and hide” over and over…  SWAT teamleader voice is RR, TB doesn’t notice even though they werejust on the phone  TBis having the van with the “money” trailed,van is remotecontrolled by Virgil  TBradioing SWAT, they arein the vault,helmets on. Men discover thatthe van’s bagsof $$$ are really filled with flyers for hookers. Van blows up  TBnotices thatthe tape they are watchingof the robbery doesn’t say Bellagioon the floor, realizesthat the “robbery” wasstaged.Viewerssee that SWAT took it,SWAT leaderin RR and the rest of the team.  Carfreshener is used to link a scene from the beginning…  TBstunned, silently pissed. Goes to room DO “isin”, to find DO looking “roughed up” and asks him “if he had a hand in this?” DO denies it,TB letshim go but follows him down the hall…  Tess isfidgety at home, LDcalls her,“turn to channel 88”,DO + TB conversation (present time, different location). DO says he can getTB’smoney back but if he would give up Tess for the $$$, TB saysyes right away.Tessjust walksout of penthouse, doesn’t even listen to entire conversation. TBwantsto contact the police on DO,probably in violation of his parole.  T in elevator,walks past TBand says“You of all people should know Terry, in your hotel, there’salways someone watching.”  Clairede lune by Claude Debussy plays: SWAT arrivesatbase, music signally that mission iscomplete. Team seen walking out of base in regularclothing…  T seen walkingaway in casino…stops, smiles, runs. Looks for DO outside, sees him, catchesup “Wait! That’smy husband!” Tesssays goodbye to DO,knows why he did everything.  Crewin front of fountain, camerapans all of them… One by one they walk away,Rusty first looks at all of them (in the middle), then turns around and walksaway.Then the rest, Saul is last.Fountain goes up, end of song…(Clairede Lune)  3-6 months later:RR eatingoutside prison gate.DOreleased in a tux (again) Rusty: Ihope you were the groom. Danny: Ted Nugent calls,he wantshisshirt back. … Danny: Thirteen million and you drive this piece of shit cross country to pick me up? Rusty: Blewit all on the suit.  RR brought Tess, DO happy to see her Last lines: Danny: Liar Tess: Theif  They drive away,TB’sguysfollow behind them in a car….


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