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Notes Week One

by: Jaaliyah Arrington

Notes Week One BAM 479

Jaaliyah Arrington

GPA 3.24

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About this Document

Notes during the first week
Strategic Management
Michael Kolacz
Class Notes
Strategic, Management
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaaliyah Arrington on Friday October 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BAM 479 at Siena Heights University taught by Michael Kolacz in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views. For similar materials see Strategic Management in Business Administration at Siena Heights University.

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Date Created: 10/07/16
Jaaliyah Arrington Matt Ripper BAM480 8-20-2016 Week 12 Writing Assignment Interning for Sharese, I did not have the chance to work with other clients. Sharese was my client, therefore I will explain a situation in which she had a positive and negative experience with me. Since I was creating a website for her diversity and inclusion department, there was nothing to restart because I was the first to create a website for that specific department. It was crucial that I made this website for her because it is good marketing and brings awareness to her division. Since Siena has been growing so much over the past years, there has been a lot of marketing updates that have been going on throughout the university. The actual Siena Heights University website has been updated from when I first was applying for Siena Heights when I was a senior in high school, 2013 was the actual year. Furthermore, other universities have good informational pages about their different branches within the schools. Sharese was very concerned that the page that Siena had for the Diversity and Inclusion page was very dull, outdated and did not represent what she has done. This is currently Sharese’s second year as the director of Diversity and Inclusion and she feels that there was a lot of slack she had to pick up from the past. Therefore, this summer was the turnaround for the page and it all began with me adding important information that was not included in the website. Before I created the webpage, there was only the mission statement that was displayed on it and a picture above it. There was no direction, information about Sharese, pictures of students or interactions, nor information about what the department has been doing for the school. This really concerned Sharese, so I added past events, current events, school year calendar, information on herself, statistic information, and important links to access. What really troubled Sharese was the fact that there was not any statistics of the ethnicity and race nor statistics of graduation and retention percentages. Sharese informed me that many Universities, if not all most have statistics about the diversity within its students because that is something that some potential students may want to know. Also, knowing graduation rates is also something big because some parents or kids may want to know if the school is doing well in graduating its students. That information is very crucial because it can determine whether or not someone makes the decision to attend Siena Heights University. Additionally, I added an infographic to the website. This infographic shows the different percentages that include:  Race  Retention  Graduation This part of the website was one of the most important segments of the webpage because Siena has no infographic displaying this type of information for the university. Sharese explained that this would be very nice for my portfolio because I would be the first to create one for this data. When I presented this infographic to Sharese, she was very pleased with my work. She complimented me and voiced that I should consider graduate school. I was delighted that she was happy with what I created and it made me think about graduate school for that reason. The one part of my internship that I found that was negative included Sharese being concerned with my communication skills. She felt that I needed to work on my emailing, especially in a timely manner. Knowing that when I become an adult and enter the real world, I have to be aware that yes I will have other events in my life going on, but I have to be able to be reliable no matter what is going on because in the real world they do not give out chance Lastly, one other thing that concerned Sharese was that I could not attend any ceremonies or other extra events due to basketball commitments. Sharese understood that I is a commitment, but it was hard to schedule certain things because of that. Knowing that basketball sometimes does interfere, it does make me concerned but that is how I am paying for college so unfortunately I do have to make sacrifices. Ultimately, creating this website has really helped me with finding my passion within the career I would like to pursue. I am going to school for business marketing but I have not decided what I really want to do. Given the opportunity to have Sharese as a client and learning from her has helped me grow, show me what I need to improve on and has lead me to maybe having interest in web design. I still have this last school year to really guide me into determining what I want to do with my career.


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