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French 201 Week #6 Class Notes

by: Kathleen Sparks

French 201 Week #6 Class Notes FR 201

Marketplace > Purdue University > French > FR 201 > French 201 Week 6 Class Notes
Kathleen Sparks
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

These are notes from 2 of the 3 classes during week #6, the third class being the exam. These notes include both the French and the English translations of everything discussed in class.
French 201
Lang Wang
Class Notes
french, Purdue, wang, 201
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathleen Sparks on Friday October 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FR 201 at Purdue University taught by Lang Wang in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see French 201 in French at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 10/07/16
Week #6 Les Expressions de Temps Expressions of time  Depuis quand êtes-vous aux  When were you in the United États-Unis ? States? o Je suis aux États-Unis depuis o I have been in the United six ans States for 6 years.  How many years have you taken  Pendant combine de temps avez- French? vous appris le français ? o J’ai appris le français o I took French for 2 years. pendant deux ans.  Il y a hui ans que j’apprends le  I have taken French for 8 years. français.  I have known you for 3 years.  Ça fait trois heures que je  I have been in the US for ten years. t’attends.  I arrived 5 minutes ago  Voilà dix que je suis aux États- Conditional Unis.  Imparfait endings  Je suis arrive il y a cinq minutes.  Infinitive Le Conditionnel  Asking something of someone  Imparfait terminassions  Manners  Infinitif  Demander pour quelque chose Typical Expressions for Identifying Activities of a Person:  Politesse  What does he/she do? Les Expressions Typiques pour identifier  What are you taking for classes? les activités dune personne :  Que fait-il/elle ?  What is his/her profession?  His is a dentist/business  Que fait-il comme métier ? man/engineer/psychiatrist  Quelle est sa profession ? /actor/author of drama/lawyer/ o Il est dentiste/home cook/accountant d’affaires/ingénieur/psychiat  **no article needed** re /acteur/dramaturge/avocat/ cuisinier/comptable.  **ne pas d’article** Vocabulaire Vocabulary  Les arrière-grands-parents  Great grand parents  Le beau-frère/la belle-sœur  Brother in law/ sister in law  Le beau-père/la belle-mère  Father in law/ mother in law  Femme au foyer/homme au foyer  Stay at home mom/dad  Célibataire  Single  Divorcé  Divorced  Marié  Married  Un jumeau/une jumelle  A twin Week #6  Cadet(te)  Younger (brother/sister)  Aîné(e)  Older (brother/sister)


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