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HORT 100 Week 7 Notes

by: Erin Wade

HORT 100 Week 7 Notes HORT 100-001

Erin Wade
GPA 3.9

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About this Document

Lecture notes for week 7 Prof Hughes Growing season and landscape design process
Horticultural Science
Hughes, Harrison G
Class Notes
HORT100, horticulture, hughes, plants
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erin Wade on Friday October 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HORT 100-001 at Colorado State University taught by Hughes, Harrison G in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Horticultural Science in Agriculture / Horticulture at Colorado State University.

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Date Created: 10/07/16
10/3/16 Growing Season - Light frost vs. killing frost - Cool season vs. warm season - Hardiness zones Flowering - Physical aspects ● - Theories ● Nutrition as proposed by E. J. Kraus & H. R. Kraybill in 1918 ○ Carbohydrate - Nitrogen relationships ○ Amount in nitrogen influences flowering ● Hormonal regulation proposed by - Day lengths: ● Short day plants ○ Strawberries ● Long day plants ○ Spinach ● Day-neutral plants ○ Tomatoes ● Can have different types in the same species 670 nm Red; 730 nm Far-red (associated with dusk) 10/5/16 Landscape Horticulture - Landscape architecture - Landscape design - create designs - Landscape contracting - puts in designs - Landscape plants - grow the plants that are put in by contractors ● Woody plant material Landscape design process - Site analysis or plot plant - need to know size of land and features of property ● Hardscapes - non living things (sidewalks, patio) ● Softscapes - living things (plant materials, beds) ● Utility lines ● Views that you may want to maintain or screen ● Easement - legal right to go on property that is not yours (for utilities and stuff) - Requirements of the homeowner/checklist ● Favorite plants ● Do they want an area for a grill, a pool, other water features - Area layout plan ● Areas that are in public view ● Private areas ● Service areas - areas that might want to be shielded from view of public and/or homeowner ○ trash cans, woodpiles, dog runs, compost piles - Structural plan ● Structural features ○ basketball hoop, koi pond, cluster of shrubs ● Elements of design/structural elements: ○ Lines of design communicate tone ■ Straight sidewalks to move you along vs. winding sidewalks for leisure ○ Form of features communicate formal, informal, freeform ○ Texture of plants to rocks, patio ○ Pattern ■ Patterns of mowed grass on sports fields ■ How bricks are laid out to give more interest ○ Color ■ emotion/tone invoked by color ● Techniques of design ○ Balance - equilibrium on left and right ○ Proportion - sense that size fits into the overall landscape ■ Designed for children or adults? ○ Scale - size choices that are suitable for setting ■ Colorado blue spruce would be too big next to a ranch home ○ Contrast - use of distinct differences to make the landscape interesting and attractive ○ Dominance - repetition of specific characteristics (rectangular spaces) with one exhibiting dominance ○ Rhythm - repetition of elements in regular measures in order to direct the eye - Planting plan ● Specific shrubs, bulbs, trees, turf etc. that will be grown - Final plan ● All of the other elements put together ● Placement of plants Use of plant material in Landscaping ● Functional uses ○ Screening ○ Shading ○ Wind diversion/insulating to reduce heating ○ Framing house or view ● Aesthetics (Take into account different qualities in different seasons) ○ Form ○ Texture ○ Color ● Plant types ○ Trees ○ Shrubs ○ Vine/lianas ○ Ground covers ○ Herbaceous perennials ○ Annuals


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