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Government Notes from 10/7/16

by: Max Miller

Government Notes from 10/7/16 PSCI 1040

Marketplace > University of North Texas > Political Science > PSCI 1040 > Government Notes from 10 7 16
Max Miller

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About this Document

These are my notes from class today! We covered a different interpretation of religious freedom, in the Accommodist(that's how the Prof. spelled it) interpretation.
American Government: Laws and Institution
Gloria Cox
Class Notes
Government, Religious Freedom, Government Accommodations, American Government
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Max Miller on Friday October 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSCI 1040 at University of North Texas taught by Gloria Cox in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see American Government: Laws and Institution in Political Science at University of North Texas.

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Date Created: 10/07/16
Class: PSCI 1040 Reminders: Date: 10/7/16 Test 2 is on 10/19/16 and will cover Topic Covered: Relig. Freed. Ch. 3 and 4! Created By: Max Miller Prof. Cox said that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving will be posted Crash Course “Freedom of Religion” online, but you can still come to class if on YouTube you feel so inclined. Notes:___________________________________________________ The Accommodatist Perspective o Generally speaking:  Prayers in legislature, references to God on money and in the pledge of allegiance are examples of the Supreme Court(referred to from now on as “SC”) allowing government and religion to coexist  SC has also refused to rule against chaplains working for congress that pray before house and senate meetings o Funding for religion  Government has provided textbooks on secular subjects, lunch assistance for students, and transportation services for religious schools in the same way that it has for public schools  Federal assistance to institutions that discriminate  Bob Jones University in South Carolina was discriminating against interracial dating, and the federal government pulled their funding on all fronts for Bob Jones o Religious displays on public property  In 1984, SC ruled that a display on public property, like on the town square, that included both religious and non-religious items are okay  In 1989, SC ruled that a menorah is okay as well, in the same way o Use of facilities  In 1993, SC ruled that religious groups can use public schools if other, non-religious, groups do o Current issues  Some argue that the government should be more accommodating when it comes to some things  Like, allowing public officials to not carry out any of their duties if they conflict with their religious beliefs o Ex: Kim Davis  But, then it becomes difficult to determine when that duty is actually a religious conflict instead of a political or cultural objection o Free exercise clause  Freedom to believe is absolute, as mentioned in the last class, but religious practice may be curbed, prohibited, or limited in some way if there is a valid secular purpose to do so o Simple rule  A practice that is otherwise legal cannot be made illegal when done for religious purposes  Similarly, a practice that is otherwise illegal cannot be made legal when done for religious purposes PROBABLE TEST QUESTION: o Supreme Court would rule under which interpretation of separation of church and state:  a) Accommodatist  b) Wall of Seperation o Then different things like money, prayer in schools, and prayers at football games would be given and then you would have to match the interpretation to the instance Fun Fact: o Ballamy wrote the pledge of allegiance around of the turn of the 20 century and said standing straight and raising your left arm with palm down was the correct way to salute the flag  This is commonly referred to now as the “Hitler Salute”  People around the U.S. were “Hitler Saluting” through the first part of WWII, but in 1942 Congress decried that the hand over your heart method is the official and correct way to salute the flag Minnersville Case o Nov. 5, 1935 o Child wrote to his headmasters that he can’t salute the flag because it is out of harmony with God’s Law(this was before the “under God” was added to the pledge) o This child was actually expelled from school for not saluting and his father was arrested o The SC ruled that children can be required to say pledge and salute the flag  This ruling was delivered in 1940 o But! In 1943 the SC overturns their own ruling and said that no one can be required to say the pledge or salute the flag.  It should be noted that Prof. Cox said that this is the only time that she can think of that the SC has overturned their own ruling.


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