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In Class notes

by: Samantha Bressler

In Class notes MPH 113 Introduction to Photography

Samantha Bressler

GPA 3.6
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About this Document

about Exposure and Introduction
Introduction to Photography
Mr. Curtis Wilkinson
Class Notes
Photo, Photography, Digital




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Samantha Bressler on Friday October 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MPH 113 Introduction to Photography at College of the Ozarks taught by Mr. Curtis Wilkinson in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Photography in Mass Media Communication at College of the Ozarks.

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Date Created: 10/07/16
W. Eugene Smith: War photographer      a walk to paradise garden Framing, Contrast, Deceive moment, Dorothea Lange: Great Depression photographer      Migrant Mother 1936 First Exposer Controlling Motion Controlling Depth of Field Portrait Project Workstation Promo Photo Semester Project (25­50 photos) Final Print Exposure is the combination of shutter speed (time), aperture setting (lens opening), and ISO  (sensitivity to light) which provides an accurate digital representation of the subject that was  photographed.      Shutter speed­ fractions of a second      Aperture ­ F­stops f/1.4 Law of reciprocity: there is more than one way to get a good exposure of your subject. The  higher the number on the f­stop the smaller the opening of the lens. The lower the number of the  fraction, the longer the amount of time it is open. M: Manual Mode Av: Aperture setting Tv: Time setting Light Meter: Identify how your camera signifies when your camera is receiving a proper  exposure in a particular context. Bracketing: Taking a series of exposures that are both above and below what your light meter is  telling you is the correct combination of shutter speed (time) and aperture (opening). White Balance: All light is not created equal. What light temperature are you shooting in? ISO­ International Standards Organization: In digital photography ISO denotes how sensitive a camera's image sensor is to the amount of light present. Lens­ Focal Length: the higher the number the more telescopic it is. Do not have a shutter  speed lower than the focal length. Photo File Format: RAW vs JPEG. RAW gives you more control. Memory Cards:      Capacity      Transfer rate      Insert with camera OFF      Insert with label facing back toward viewfinder      Format your card. Auto Focus vs Manual Focus: make sure to notice where the Auto Focus is taking the focus  from. Holding the Camera:      Cradle      Tuck In      Eye Piece      Good Angle      Perspective


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