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BIBL 105 Week 6 Notes

by: Audrey Simmons

BIBL 105 Week 6 Notes BIBL 105

Marketplace > Liberty University > Bible > BIBL 105 > BIBL 105 Week 6 Notes
Audrey Simmons

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About this Document

Old Testament Survey
Dr. Chris Hulshof
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Audrey Simmons on Friday October 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIBL 105 at Liberty University taught by Dr. Chris Hulshof in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Old Testament Survey in Bible at Liberty University.


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Date Created: 10/07/16
Numbers Numbers takes place after the Exodus from Egypt and the crossing of the Red Sea – should take 2 weeks on foot, but takes 40 years instead Ch 1-10: Wilderness of Sinai  Census of Israelites is taken  Given instructions on how to arrange the tribes around the tabernacle  The pillar of cloud by day / pillar of fire by night is symbolic of God’s presence among them  When it moves, they move; it leads their journey  In Old Testament times, God spoke to people through prophets and priests  Today, we have the word of god, the body of Christ  God lives inside of us, we no longer have to look through the pillar of cloud/fire because God is in us and through the spirit Ch 10-12: Travel Ch 11  Cloud above tabernacle leads Israelites through wilderness to Paran, they start complaining  They don’t want the manna anymore; Moses intercedes, God sends quail Ch 12  Israelite’s complaining reaches climax, Moses’ family publicly questions his leadership  Because of this, Aaron and Miriam are called before the tent of meeting  Miriam gets leprosy as a punishment  Moses intercedes on her behalf, so God heals her after one week of being shut out of camp Ch 13-19: Wilderness of Paran Ch 13-14  Moses sent one spy sent from each of the 12 tribes  10 came back claiming that the Canaanites would destroy them  They start a mutiny to appoint a new leader to bring them back to Egypt  2 came back optimistic  The people decided they didn’t trust God to keep them safe  God responds in 2 ways  He gives Israel exactly what they want, and forbids that generation from ever entering the Promised Land because of their disobedience & lack of faith  With grace – He does not forget the promises He made in the Abrahamic covenant, so He allows that their children’s generation will enter the land Ch 16-17  Korah’s Rebellion  Group of Levites (the priestly tribe, closest to tabernacle) rise up and question Moses’ leadership  They decide they want to go back to Egypt  Numbers 16:25-30 – giant earthquake Ch 20-21: Travel  Israel heads to third location in wilderness  Moses commanded to speak to a rock to get water  Instead, he gets angry & frustrated, strikes the rock twice, which disqualifies himself from entering the promised land  Puts himself in the place of God  The rock is symbolic of Christ – 1 Corinthians 10:1-5 Ch 21  Israel rebels, again  God responds by judging the people with a horde of serpents whose bite was deadly  But, He also provides a method of salvation – a bronze crafted serpent that was to be lifted up on a staff by Moses  John 3:14-15 – John likens the lifting up of the crafted serpent to the lifting up of Jesus on the cross  Moses provided healing from the lethal snake bite that would absolutely lead to death  Jesus provided ultimate form of healing from sin that would absolutely lead to death Ch 22-36: Wilderness of Moab Ch 22-25  The massive army of people marching towards his territory freaks out the king of Moab  He hires Balaam (pagan sorcerer who specialized in curses) to curse the Israelites  Balaam tries to curse Israel, only able to utter blessing – 3 times  Talking donkey thing  Ironically, God is providing for Israel and their safety, even as they complain in the wilderness  During 3 curse attempt, Balaam has a vision of a future Israelite king who will bring the judgment and blessing of God upon all nations Second generation  Entering into the promised land  Unlike first, second is faithful, trusts in gods provision as they begin their conquest of the promised land  Sets the stage for Deuteronomy, the final book of Pentateuch  Key points  God will not relent on his promises, but will allow his people to wander and stray in their own disobedience  Even in the judgment of god, theirs is grace and life that comes in ways we don’t expect


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