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Walter Mead's Special Providence Schools of Thought

by: Kaylen Howard

Walter Mead's Special Providence Schools of Thought PSCI 4830

Marketplace > University of North Texas > PSCI 4830 > Walter Mead s Special Providence Schools of Thought
Kaylen Howard
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

This is a chart of Presidential eras within Mead's 'School of Thought' theory .
American Foreign Affairs
Andrew Interline
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaylen Howard on Friday October 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSCI 4830 at University of North Texas taught by Andrew Interline in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.


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Date Created: 10/07/16
Walter Mead Special Providence FOUR PRINCIPLES SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT PG PG PG PG Jeffersonians Hamiltonians Wilsonians Jacksonians 181-3 --Believed to be the 99-109 --Realist/Serpent 134 --Idealist/Dove 243 --unhealthy mix of political and *He may have ignorance, isolationism, intellectual leaders of --Absence of human been ‘as innocent irresponsible the common man. nature as a dove, but diplomacy, populism. that has --Democracy in one --Valued the singularly not --philosophy is a set of country importance of interfered emotions and beliefs International without ability to --Feared excessive (Commercial be as cunning as --Realist entanglement and Relations) in trade a serpent, (pg domestic revolution 137). 245 --Jacksonians vs. will result in foreign 100 --Continental realist Jeffersonian’s, quarrels (national interest 138 --U.S. has a duty humanitarian views and balance of to change the --Views moralism as a power) world. --FP is about honor, threat reputation, and military --Abided by the 134 --Believed that a --Isolationist, pro- 103 'Zero-Sum Game’ great power can --Lacks confidence in containment link its destiny to the government’s --Commerce is a the spread of ability to administer cause of peace other ideologies. charity domestically and internationally. --national interest 105 EX: Reagan and as moral, lacked Kissenger EX: Trump human interest. --Modern view, --Valued freedom of 162 --Democracy attempt of democracy sea and flight. more reliable in Iraq, there was a lot then monarchy of invested energyput --Believed the into changing and country would be 139 -- Represents reconstructing the powerless without American foreign country trade. missionary (Jacksonian). activity 108 --no trade with *This school is a --Anti-immigration China, but Hawaii representation of *The school realistic and Latin regions FP of the view was based on the were permissible American idea that ’there is a (zero-sum theory) people… both distinction between influenced by and the popular inside of 109 --Not imperialist, influencing, the the ‘folk community’ but negotiator, foreign policy of and the dark world GREED. their government without. Native were in its own way,” not considered --Concentration of (pg 139) permissible to Jackson. wealth at sea (pg 245) disconnected --Strong on Domestic affairs morality --No War --developed regulated agencies that even out domestic and foreign affairs --Equal rights --Democracy less likely to fight more likely to trade (Hamiltonian ideal). --Respect for the rule of law --Defacto Hegemony, modern ideals


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