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APUSH Ch. 1: America and Europe Before

by: Virginia Vaughan

APUSH Ch. 1: America and Europe Before AP United States History

Marketplace > K&G 5 Star Barber College > History > AP United States History > APUSH Ch 1 America and Europe Before
Virginia Vaughan

GPA 4.1
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About this Document

These are the first notes introducing the time period for this course. Enjoy!
AP US History
Mrs. Ruckman
Class Notes
AP, United, States, history




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Virginia Vaughan on Friday October 7, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to AP United States History at K&G 5 Star Barber College taught by Mrs. Ruckman in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see AP US History in History at K&G 5 Star Barber College.


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Date Created: 10/07/16
  America and Europe Before I. Natives all over America had distinct societies A. 10,000 years ago via Land Bridge B. by 1490 Europeans counted about 50­100 million C. Central and South America were complex civilizations  1. Maya ­ Maize  2. Aztec ­ Maize 3. Incas ­ Potatoes D. North America 1. Maize­ the term for corn used by natives, This and potatoes became a  valuable starch for Europeans 2. SouthWest(SW) Anasazi, Hokokam, and Pueblo 3. Great Plains :"Five Tribes" (mostly nomadic) 4. Midwest: Hopewell (permanent settlement) 5. NorthEast(NE) Iroquois Confederation 6. Atlantic Coast: Woodland mound buildings (permanent settlement) II. Contact among Europeans, Native americans, and Africans A. God 1. Renaissance and Ottoman Empire 2. Reformation fuels Protestant faith 3. Isabella and Ferdinand (Spanish Crown) defeat Moors(Arabians) B. Gold 1. New Trade Routes 2. Maritime Technology (possible and profitable now) a. Guns, sailing compass, shipbuilding, maps b. Printing Press­ aid in Protestant Reformation c. International Trade expands ­ Joint­stock companies >> Dutch ­ beginnings of Insurance for Maritime trade >> Dutch d. Slavery ­ mainly from African tribe leaders and Portuguese, but some  from Americas C. Glory 1.Explorers: John Cabot          >> England      Henry Hudson        >> Dutch      Jacques de Cartier  >> France      Samuel de Champlain >> France      Henry the Navigator >> Portuguese      Vasco de Gama       >> Spain      Ferdinand Magellan  >> Spain      Hernan Cortez       >> Spain      Fransisco Pizzaro   >> Spain 2. Nation's Rely on Revenue a. Portugal, Spain, England, France, Netherlands b. population growth, mineral wealth c. shift from Fuedalism* to Capitalism (to an extent) d. England: Henry VIII e. France: Wars of Religion ­Hugenots vs. Catholics


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