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by: Angela Meador

Psychopathology PSY 303

Angela Meador

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About this Document

Important notes and symptoms
Mary Russa
Class Notes
Cognitive Psychology, Psychology, #Psych #Psychology #Personality #Psychopathology #Social #theories #Mechanisms #Freud
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angela Meador on Sunday October 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 303 at Grand Valley State University taught by Mary Russa in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Psychopathology in Psychology at Grand Valley State University.


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Date Created: 10/09/16
Anxiety and Temperament Conditions EXAMPLE: Blake Miller was a marine at the age of 21, after two years of being in the war he is  now diagnosed with PTSD Mental Health  Deferred reactions  Troops returning = increase in mental health problems  Anxiety disorders: “worry wars” constantly worrying  Panic disorder: random attacks  Most common phobias within a year are social and specific phobias  OCD is the least common o Although, equal between genders  Targets age around puberty or right before puberty  Individuals receiving treatment are more likely to seek treatment for panic disorder  although, specific phobias are opposite (Least likely) DSM­5 Anxiety Disorder  Generalized anxiety  Social phobia  Agoraphobia  Panic disorder  Trichotillomania= pulling out hair Anxiety Driven Skin problems (Exconation)  PTSD is now considered trauma and stress related disorders  High amount of two or more disorders will experience depression at some point o One anxiety disorder 19% o Two or more independent 26% o Two or more caused by the other 55% Anxiety Disorder with extreme worry, nervousness, and avoidance Study: Yerkes­Dodson Law Modern level of anxiety is where you hit peak performance of being in between low and  high anxiety Believes that some anxiety is good VS FEAR Fear is more acute, present time, and sympathetic activation Panic Attacks Features  Severe and unexpected  Loss of control Symptoms  Feels as if you are outside of your body watching in  Heart palpitations  Short of breath  Dizzy Types  Situational­ cued­ social anxiety  Unexpected –uncued­ panic disorder  Situationally predisposed­ panic disorder Genetic factors  Preparedness  Twin Study’s­ inherited o Panic o GAD  Neurotransmitters o Lowers GABA levels  Polygenetic o Produce vulnerability Environment Cigarette smoking increases risk for anxiety in the future


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