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Hums 108 Week 8 notes

by: Vania Notetaker

Hums 108 Week 8 notes Rel 108

Vania Notetaker
Virginia Commonwealth University
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

Last weeks matter
Human Spirituality
Jennifer Garvin-Sanchez
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vania Notetaker on Sunday October 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Rel 108 at Virginia Commonwealth University taught by Jennifer Garvin-Sanchez in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see Human Spirituality in Religion at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Date Created: 10/09/16
Beginning of The life of Pi; Peace and harmony, reminding you of the garden of Eden 3 Men Richard Parker: 17 year old illiterate boy -Parker fell in shark infected water and one of them had to save him -drink pee -Parker drank sea water -they decide to eat Parker (they eat Parker) -Found guilty, 6months in prison, died of the bubonic plague in Sydney in 1900 All religions share that humans lived an idealistic lifestyle until something changed God created humans good and to live in harmony and than something happened (the human condition) Symbolism behind tiger: Pi's inner battle with himself (inner jihad) Name changes occur in the Bible when people have a life changing experience -When Pi changes his name he gets more confidence -To claim becoming a new better person -number used to understand the universe -shows his being conveying or learning from science Karl Marx Manmade-man did not make religion False promises that things will be better (need to be let go) Martin Luther king jr. "The world house " published where do we go from here- chaos or community Feminist thought Uses conflict How religion affects women(does it oppressed or uplift) Image of God and God language -Can only related with God through men How have you seen patriarchal models at work among people and in humanity's relationship with the environment? Part of web of life Should be livening in harmony with it. **Write two ways in which God is imaged in hierarchical terms and two ways in which he is in no hierarchical terms ** Max Weber Marxism Protestant ethic and spirit of capitalism Capitalism fueled by Protestant (Calvinist ) values Hard work Thrift Saving Produce a spirit or ethos that enables capitalism to flourish The symbolic interactionist perspective -Ring symbols different things in many religions -also communion Psychology Also studies religion Sigmund Freud The future of an illusion -helps when situations are difficult -consolidates people -provides rules and guidelines -answers questions -for people who don't have a proper understanding of the universe -scientific world view is not measuring up (God does take care of his children) Science is a lot of our questions about origin Allport Religious people are infantile What were allports conclusions? Extrinsic - a community experience that you wouldn't have otherwise Intrinsic- when you've put in your heart and let religion take control of your life Philosophy-- love of wisdom Handmaiden to religion Structure theology Theology Speech or talk about God We all do this-all have thoughts about God -can not appeal to criteria with evidences unseen by other -can't give your religion tools you won't give another Paul Tillich Dynamics of faith (1957)-- religion is ones ultimate concern (being grasped by it) Saw Jews risking their life for religion and Nazis also. We perceive something as ultimate because it meets social needs -affirms who we are -allows us to experience something greater than ourselves Religion is human transformation in response to perceived ultimacy -defines identity -helps with alienation anxiety -provides stability Idolatrous faith -you meet the requirements but you don't receive the rewards Existential disappointed When your life revolves around something and you lose it, it can change who you are. Crypto- it is ultimate in someone's life but they don't realize it (hidden) Pseudo religion- we claim that it is ultimate in our lives but it's not Authentic religion- something you e given your life to that benefits your being Doubt - pays no role in faith Tillich thinks faith and doubt play a huge roll in religion Religion- Not about knowledge but what you give your heart to (or marriage) Questions What do you think is the role of doubt in faith? Have you been encouraged to doubt ? What do you think of Tillich definition of religion as "ultimate concern"? Does it make sense to say that pseudo and cryptic concerns can function as religion? Life of Pi, pg.28 (Doubt helps one reaffirm their faith) (No, in my religion if you doubt than you don't have faith, and doubt weakens you're faith) (I think that if you say you have religion or are religious it should be the most ultimate thing in your life)(crypto can be also be religion.) Textual criticism Textual critic- works on micro level with the text Documentary critic - works on a macro level with text, determining sociol questions? Is it a version or translation? Who is the author? Historiography Historian helps us to understand what the context of literacy text was what David a real person or a literary type? Archaeology helps also. Historical criticism Difference between what is taught to pastors and everyone else. Tools Can be useful for an average person (shed light on what the text they're reading is saying Case in point - miracles supernatural histories Before the enlightenment in the 19th century the Bible was seen as record of actual things that happened. Feeding of the multitudes - found in all four gospels Jesus walking on water (Matthew 14:24-33) The resurrection Natural histories Enlightenment evolved a new way of thinking Find a rational interpretation of the miracles Miracles as stories that convey truth David Friedrich Strauss' thinks the stories are myths with religious truths , to explain history not truth Myths Today most people understand myths to be something that isn't true (life of Jesus 1835)


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