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CS 162, Week 2 Notes

by: Parker Moore

CS 162, Week 2 Notes CS 162

Parker Moore
GPA 3.82

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About this Document

Notes covering arrays, functions and making algorithms. I also included a program I made a year ago that will give you an example of functions and arrays and how they work. This program also has an...
Karla Fant
Class Notes
Intro to Computer Science; Computer Science
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Parker Moore on Sunday October 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CS 162 at Portland State University taught by Karla Fant in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see INTRO TO COMPUTER SCIENCE II in Computer science at Portland State University.


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Date Created: 10/09/16
CS 162 Week 2 PSU: Fall term Array­  *first element of an array = 1 To read in multiple words in an array: Cin.get(name, 21, ‘\n’) which is the name of the array, the size of the array, and a single character used to stop the input(‘\n’ is equivalent to pressing enter) Copy array: strcpy(name, “Karla Fant”); Length of array: strlen(name); Resources: *TIP: My recommendation is to briefly look over these resources and decide which  would work best for you. Feel free to study all in depth but if a video works better for  you than reading (or vice versa) I have included both. Also reviewing the instructor  Creating functions ­ YouTube: Here is a link to beginner c++ programming. It’s a 30 minute video but I think it helps reinforce the basic concepts.­5UtvDN0 Creating functions ­­87KQS­rZCA Algorithm *TIP: When writing algorithms the best method, I have found, is pretending like you  are writing a detailed procedure to a child. Assume this child knows nothing and you  must explain everything to them. Ex. You are running a hotel. Your job is to greet the guest, ask them how many nights they are staying then charge them.  Step 1: Display a message to the user: “Hello! Welcome to ____ hotel. My  name is Parker.” Then end the line. Step 2: Create a global constant integer called PRICE_PER_NIGHT and set it  equal to 50. Step 3: Display a message to the user: “How many nights are you staying: “ Step 4: Create a local integer variable called nightsStayed and store the user’s  answer in this variable. Step 5: Create an int function called CalculateCost with 1 integer parameter  called nightsStayed (this is separate from the local variable we created but has  the same name so you know where to put it). a. In this function create an int variable called totalCostand set it equal  to the nightsStayed parameter multiplied by the global constant  PRICE_PER_NIGHT.  b. Return totalCost Step 6: Display a message: “The price for nightsStayed(variable) night(s)  stayed is CalculateCost(put in the function).” Step 7: Display message: “Thank you, come again!” Learn to write a better algorithm­­programming­is­an­algorithm­in­programming­definition­ examples­analysis.html Here is a program I made a year ago that has my algorithm and code. Hopefully this  helps you understand programming better. For any terms you don’t understand go to  this site­ and in the search bar type in any term you do not  understand (i.e. float)  /* Program Name: GeometryFun Author: Parker Moore Date Created: 1/20/16 IDE: Visual Studio 2012 Purpose: To find the different calculations of perimeter, area and potentially radius(in the case of a circle) given a user entered whole number */ /* Inputs: Number Entered Constants: PI = 3.1415 Outputs: Perimeter of square Aera of square radius of circle perimeter of circle area of circle ************************************* A square with side length of 7 has a perimeter of 28 has an area of 49 A circle with a diameter of 7 has a radius of 3.5 has a perimeter of 21.9905 has an area of 38.4834 ************************************* Algorithm: Prompt user for number enter number into calculations Find perimeter of square: perimeter = 4 * numberEntered Find area of square: area = numberEntered * numberEntered Find radius of circle: radius = static_cast<float>(numberEntered) / 2 Find perimeter of circle = perimeter2 = 2 * PI * radius Find area of circle = area2 = PI * pow(radius,2) Find perimeter of equilateral triangle = 3 * numberEntered Find area of equilateral triangle = sqrt(3) / 4 * (pow(numberEntered),2) Find the perimeter of a polygon with x sides = numberEntered * numberOfSides Find apothem = numberEntered / (2 * tan(180/numberOfSides)) Find area of a polygon with x sides = (1/2) * perimeter4 * apothem Output data as specified */ // pre-processor directives #include <iostream> //required for cin and cout #include <cmath> #include <string> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; //constants const double PI = 3.1415; void main() { //Variables int numberEntered; int numberOfSides; int perimeter = 0.0; int area = 0; float radius = 0.0; float perimeter2 = 0.0; float area2 = 0.0; float perimeter3 = 0.0; float area3 = 0.0; float perimeter4 = 0.0; float area4 = 0.0; float apothem = 0.0; //Algorithm //prompt user to enter a whole number cout << "Please enter a positive whole number: "; //enter number into program cin >> numberEntered; //prompt user to enter amount of sides for a polygon cout << "Please enter a number of sides: "; //enter number into program cin >> numberOfSides; //Calculations perimeter = 4 * numberEntered; //perimeter of square formula area = pow(numberEntered,2);// area of square formula radius = static_cast<float>(numberEntered) / 2;//circle radius formula perimeter2 = 2 * PI * radius;//circle perimeter formula area2 = PI * pow(radius,2);//circle area perimeter3 = 3 * numberEntered;//tirangle perimeter formula area3 = sqrt(3) / 4 * pow(numberEntered,2);//triangle area formula perimeter4 = numberEntered * numberOfSides;//polygon perimeter formula apothem = numberEntered / 2 * tan(180/numberOfSides);//apothem formula area4 = perimeter4 * apothem / 2;//polygon area formula //Output cout << fixed; cout << "\n A square with a side length of " << numberEntered << endl; cout << "\t has a perimeter of " << perimeter << endl; cout << "\t has an area of " << area << endl; cout << "\n A circle with a diameter of " << numberEntered << endl; cout << "\t has a radius of " << setprecision(3) << radius << endl; cout << "\t has a perimeter of " << setprecision(3) << perimeter2 << endl; cout << "\t has an area of " << setprecision(3) << area2 << endl; cout << "\n An equilateral triangle with side length of " << numberEntered << endl; cout << "\t has a perimeter of " << perimeter3 << endl; cout << "\t has an area of " << setprecision(3) << area3 << endl; cout << "\n A polygon with " << numberOfSides << " sides each " << numberEntered << " in length " << endl; cout << "\t has a perimeter of " << perimeter4 << endl; cout << "\t has an area of " << setprecision(3) << area4 << endl; cin.get();//leaves console open cin.ignore(); }  


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