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Western Civ from 1450 Oct 3 - Oct 7

by: Julian Quesada

Western Civ from 1450 Oct 3 - Oct 7 2353

Marketplace > University of Houston > History > 2353 > Western Civ from 1450 Oct 3 Oct 7
Julian Quesada
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About this Document

Notes from class from Oct 3 - Oct 7, these include notes from what was on Professor Ittman's powerpoints and what he said in class
Western Civ.
Dr. Stone
Class Notes
history, western, Civilization, westerncivilizations




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Julian Quesada on Sunday October 9, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 2353 at University of Houston taught by Dr. Stone in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Western Civ. in History at University of Houston.


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Date Created: 10/09/16
WESTERN CIV FROM 1450 OCT 5 – OCT 7 Oct 3rd Nationalism -Coming out of the revolution -Middle class phenomena -Create an authentic nation -dynastic nations are fake nations -Nationalism is a way for people to learn more about their own people -Language is a sign of national identity -Linguistic diversity in most countries -Notion of ethnicity is complicated -Part of nation building is a feeling of belonging to a nation -Nationalism fits this period Problems for Nationalists -There are entities that exist that oppose nationalists -Dynastic states don’t want to be delegitimized -Metternich -Carlsbad decrees -Secret Police -Opening mail -Movement of young people -alienates those in power -Nationalism driven underground Revolutions 1820-1831 Europe is torn up by revolutions -Nationalism, economic problems, and political reforms come together in unstable ways creating revolutions The Mid-Victorian Boom -Germany 1850-70 -Railway mileage increases 300% -Iron and coal production increases 600% -German population grows 15-40 million 1815-70 -Great Britain GNP 75% 1850-1873 Oct 5th Louis Napoleon -Represents heritage of Napoleon -Potential Strongman -Takes authoritarian rule in 1851 -Not a military hero -Doesn’t eliminate elections and Congress -Has plebicide voting -Loaded questions and stuffed ballots -fan of industrialization -creates central bank, funds railroads -sponsors industrial invention -nationalist & imperialist -heavily involved in Mexico -Expanded france in Algeria and Indo-China (vietnam) -modern rule Camillo di Cavour -Prime minister of Piedmont and Sardinia -Strong ties to Britain and France -Isolates Austria diplomatically -Defeats Austria w/ French help to take back parts of Northern Italy -Gisueppe Garibaldi comes in and creates a personal revolt -Seen as champion of freedom in all of Europe Unified Italy -Monarchal states -Only 2% of pop can vote -deeply divided between southern agriculture and northern industry -Many languages -Peasant rebellions in South -Papacy is opposed Bismarck -Creates a German state w/ some fundamental problems -Creates it to preserve power of the crown and the Prussian aristocracy -Creates Germany to have a political weapon -Very intelligent, educated, well travelled, ambitious, and ruthless man Bismarck in Power -ignores legislation -collects taxes w/out permission -Army & bureaucrats behind him -Uses war and nationalism to secure power -Military victory & nation building silences his liberal critics Wars of German Unification -The Danish War -The Austro-Prussian war -The Franco-Prussian war Technology promotes Nation building -Telegraph unites nations -Telegram allows for information to pass around quickly and everywhere -People use railroads to move around and go to work -Tourism becomes a thing Marianne -Symbol of France and the Republic -Creates notion of French Republic National Unity -Schools bring about national unity -kids learn reading, writing, math, and history -history gives a sense of national identity -Army -1850s have mass conscription -People leave their villages and get immersed in army life -Unifies people, only speak language of country Oct 7th Queen Victoria -Victorian Era -Culture of consumption -Culture adhered to by many -Mainly followed by middle class -Middle class is urban -Eventually followed in rural areas -Age of sobriety -Men try to look older -Combines enlightenment ideas and middle class life Prisons -No such thing as incarceration before 19th century -Created to reform criminals Urban Growth 1800-70 -Berlin: 170,000-820,000 -Leeds: 53,000-259,000 -Paris: 547,000-1.9 million Great Depression 1873-1896 -Begins w/ a serious slump from 1873-79 -Marked by several important trends -Lower prices-decline by 1/3 in period -Slower growth of profits for enterprises -Crisis of overproduction in agriculture leads to problems for all agricultural nations in the period -End of the first phase of the Industrial Revolution based on iron, textiles, and transportation. Greater competition, need to find new markets and products


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