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Bio 150 Week 3 notes

by: Morgan Bell

Bio 150 Week 3 notes Bio 150

Marketplace > Converse College > Biology > Bio 150 > Bio 150 Week 3 notes
Morgan Bell

GPA 2.9
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About this Document

Material Covered 9/12-9/16
Biology of Sexuality
Dr. Steele
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Morgan Bell on Monday October 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Bio 150 at Converse College taught by Dr. Steele in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Biology of Sexuality in Biology at Converse College.


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Date Created: 10/10/16
Bio 150­Week 3 9/12­9/16 Female Sexual Anatomy  Female External Genetalia  Clitoris  Erectile organ  No direct reproductive function  Homologous to penis  Same embryonic origin  Consists of   Glans, prepuce, shaft  2 corpora cavernosa  Clitoridectomy (FGM)  Surgical removal of all or part of the clitoris   Infibulation?  Genital mutilation (clidoridectomy)   Mons Pubis  Mons veneris  “Mountain of Venus”  Fatty  Pubic hair  On top of pubic symphysis  Labia  Majora (outer lips)  Fatty  Pubic hair  Nerve endings  Minora (inner lips)  Hairless  Forms clitoral hood  Nerve endings  Labiaplasty  Surgical alteration in size and/or labia appearance  Other  Vaginal opening   Introitus  Urethral opening  Passage of urine  Compare to male  Perineum  Sensitive skin b/w vagina and anus  Hymen  Thin membrane partially covering vaginal opening  Biological importance  Cultural importance  Internal Anatomy  Ovaries  Female gonads  Primary reproductive organs  Produce eggs  ~ 2M at birth  ~ 400,000 at puberty  Also endocrine organs  Produce hormones  Estrogen, progesterone  Fallopian tubes  Oviducts, uterine tubes  Nourish and carry eggs into uterus  Ciliated  Fimbriae  Finger­like projections of fallopian tube  Infundibulum  fertilization  Uterus  Womb  Pear­shaped  Where fertilized egg is implanted and fetus develops  Secretes various substances  proteins, sugars, and fats to maintain fetus  prostaglandins to contract and widen cervix  Beta­endorphins and anandamide to aid in pain relief  Parts:  Cervix  dilates during childbirth  Os = opening that leads to vagina  Body  Fundus  Wall:  Endometrium  “inner”  Sheds during period  Myometrium  “middle”  muscular part  contracts  Perimetrium  “outer”  Edometriosis  When endometrial tissue of uterus wanders out of the uterus to different locations. Still  responds to progesterone by proliferating, and then shedding when progesterone declines  each menstrual cycle.   VERY painful  Vagina  3­4 inches  Birth canal  Extremely elastic and expandable  Lactobacteria:   beneficial bacteria that help prevent growth of harmful microorganism  antibiotics can kill this bacteria and can cause yeast infections  yogurt with live cultures can restore this bacteria  Sensitive lower third  G­spot: a reportedly highly sensitive area on the anterior wall of the vagina  Introitus (opening)  Anatomy of the breast  Not a sex organ but important in sexual attraction and arousal  Nipple – rich in nerve endings  Areola ­ pigmented  Muscles for erection  Montgomery’s glands to lubricate nipple   15­20 clusters of Mammary glands   Milk duct  The amount of milk produced is not based on breast size, but basedo n your body’s response to  hormones.  Fat  Changes over course of lifetime, during pregnancy, and during monthly cycle  Determined by how responsive a woman is to estrogen, which allows fat deposition  Inhibited by androgens (male homrones)  Breast Surgery  Breast augmentation surgery (bigger)  In 2009, about 312,000 U.S. women  Done for cosmetic reasons, after mastectomy, or in sex reassignment surgery  More than 50% experience problems   Breast reduction surgery (smaller)  Done due to discomfort or cosmetic reasons  Results in scarring, loss of sensation, and inability to breast­feed


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