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Reading in Narrative 3383 week 7

by: Ann McCarty

Reading in Narrative 3383 week 7 ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946

Marketplace > Oklahoma State University > ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946 > Reading in Narrative 3383 week 7
Ann McCarty
OK State
GPA 3.6

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About this Document

Includes notes over portrait of a lady, and the schedule change
Reading in Narrative
Edward J. Jones
Class Notes
Reading, In, narrative, 3383, Portrait, Of, a, Lady, hennry, James
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ann McCarty on Monday October 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 3383 - 0- 65946 at Oklahoma State University taught by Edward J. Jones in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.

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Date Created: 10/10/16
Week 7 notes RiN Portrait of a Lady 9.28.16 Revised Schedule Friday: chapter 14-26 Lady Monday: Chapter 27- 43 Wednesday: 44-55 Friday: in class writing (no prep reading for this day) Monday: Hunger pg 3-95 Wednesday: 99-197 and First paper due. Henry James: - You either like him, or you don't. - He likes to write about the gap btwn cultures and likes to see how the ideas of ppl fit or don't fit into the local cultures. Questions: - How can we tell what a reliable and non-reliable narrator looks like? - What do we consider to be characteristics of a reliable and non-reliable narrator. - - he (James) uses rhetoric - - does their plot/character/diction make sense. Themes: - Ex-patriot: when you leave your own culture of another. - - however, when this happens, you wont know if the new culture will accept you and if they don't accept you, then hope that your old culture will. - What does it mean to be an (American) in (Europe)? - How does Isabel’s uncle show wealth through his estate in Oxford, what is the significance of it? Novel: - At the start of the novel, we are in the present time of the novel, however, by the fourth chapter, we have a flash back of how Isabel came to be in Oxford with her uncle. - Isabel thinks that she is an independent woman, however, she doesn't know that her aunt is the one footing the bill for her trip. - Isabel reads as a habit like Emma Bovary did, however, her reading is more educational, and not romantic. European views: - Dirty Americans: Crass behavior. - - EX: in America you wouldn't take outside food into another food establishment, you wouldn't do it in Europe either. Week 7 notes RiN Portrait of a Lady Authorial Distance: - creates separation btwn authors views and characters views. - Creating distance to build faith in author. - Author depends upon your faith and trust. - Think: “Does he deserve my trust?” Can I count on him? 9.30.16 Portrait of a Lady: - if we were explaining to someone who hasn't read this novel, how would we tell them to look at things and what things would we tell them to look for? - - Start looking for the “soft” things - What are we supposed to understand in the novel - How much can we understand a James Sentence? Title: - Portrait: a representation of the subject - - used as a character study. - - Profile v. Portrait - - visually, “portrait” works, because we are trying to see her. - - belief: a moment that is captured. - “see” - - Ralph wants to see how Isabel will turn out, and hopes for the best for her. James: - He is telling us certain things rather than showing them - - EX: tell v. show how to make a cake. - Knowledge: - - endless knowledge - - greater knowledge


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