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Lecture 16

by: courtney Notetaker
courtney Notetaker
Virginia Tech

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About this Document

Lecture 16: Education, math, science, and philosophy
Ancient Mediterranean World
Christine E. Steer
Class Notes
ancient, Mediterranean, world, Classics, Education, Roman, Greek
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by courtney Notetaker on Monday October 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 1134 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University taught by Christine E. Steer in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views.


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Date Created: 10/10/16
 Education, math, science, and philosophy o Traditional education in Athens  Families were in charge of educating their own kids  Girls taught domestic skills  Boys taught reading, writing, and math  Schools and teachers  Parents were urged to educate their children  Law said kids must earn a craft  School boy was accompanied by a slave  Paidagogos  Music  Songs and poems were very similar  Memorized poetry at school o The Palaistra  Wrestling school  Learned athletic training o Sophists taught rhetoric  Protagoras  Said the truth was subjective  Socrates  Not a sophist but a teacher  Only interested in useful and practical topics, what is true and moral  Found guilty of corrupting the youth and of impiety  Died by drinking poison  Isocrates  Was a sophist  Thought Athens to be better than everyone else o Greek intellectuals became interested in theoretical, not practical knowledge o Anaxagoras and Demokritos  Anaxagoras came to Athens  A theoretical thinker  Lots of theoretical thoughts about the moon  Demokritos  Had theories about matter but nothing he could prove o Why was Greek thought theoretical?  Valued mind over senses  Didn’t have scientific instruments to test theories o Socrates and theoretical  Focus on justice, virtue, friendship, education, and abstract ideas o Plato  We rely on him for Socrates' teachings  Mathematician and philosopher  Republic of Plato  He disliked democracy  Ruled by a small elite o Xenophon  Also one of Socrates' pupils o Plato's theory of ideal forms  Invisible, unchanging, world of ideals of which our world is just a corrupt copy o Plato's concept of dualism  Immortal souls and mortal bodies o Plato and the study of music  Music is very important to the development of kids  Also loved geometry o Pythagoras  Foundations for Greek math o Herakleides and astronomy  Said the earth is a sphere that rotates  Said solar system was heliocentric o Aristotle  "the master of them that known"  Studied physical things  Did not conduct experiments  Believed things had functions  Thought man is a political animal o Medical treatment  Trainers had knowledge of sprains and training injuries


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