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PSYC 2010: Chapter 8 Part 2

by: Ashleigh McClure

PSYC 2010: Chapter 8 Part 2 PYSC 2010 - 006 (Psychology, Lucia Lazarowski, Intro to Psychology)

Ashleigh McClure

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About this Document

Chapter 8: Thinking and Intelligence Part 2 Exam 2 Concepts: -Savant Syndrome General Intelligence -IQ Testing
Intro to Psychology
Lucia Lazarowski
Class Notes
#psych2010, #psychology2010, #psych, #Lazarowski, #lucialazarowski, #auburn, #AU, #auburnuniversity
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashleigh McClure on Monday October 10, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PYSC 2010 - 006 (Psychology, Lucia Lazarowski, Intro to Psychology) at Auburn University taught by Lucia Lazarowski in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Intro to Psychology in Psychology at Auburn University.

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Date Created: 10/10/16
Chapter 8: Thinking and Intelligence 2 10/10/16 8:39 PM Intelligence • The ability to reason, make decisions, solve problems, understand complex ideas, learn quickly and adapt to changes • Nature vs. Nurture ○ How much nature is involved in our intelligence • General Intelligence People who did well in one area did well in others ○ ○ Gmay be our ability to quickly adapt to new challenges • Multiple Intelligences ○ Different types of intelligences independent of each other ○ "Savant Syndrome" § People that are off the charts in certain areas of intelligence, but below the average in others □ Example: Rain Man movie • Measuring Intelligence ○ Psychometric Testing § Standardized tests measuring mental abilities □ Achievement ® Assessment of current skills and knowledge □ Aptitude ® Prediction of future tasks/jobs § History □ Universal education in 19th century France □ Alfred Binet developed test to assess child's level of success in regular i"nental age") ® Goal was to identify students that would require more support in order to improve ◊ Nature or Nurture? } Nurture ○ Intelligence Quotient (IQ) § IQ= Mental Age/ Chronological Age x100 § Determines where you fall on a scale of the population's IQ ○ Wechsler Intelligence Tests (WAIS, WISC) § Verbal, performance, overall intelligence tests mostly designed for children • Principle of Good Test Construction ○ Standardization § How we know your IQ score is average ○ Reliability § Consistent results ○ Validity § Measures what it's supposed to measure • Are IQ tests valid? Good predictor of life outcomes ○ § School and job performance, income § Doesn't measure factors like self-control, motivation and discipline ○ Criticisms § Western culture bias § Relies on socioeconomic status of families • Nature or Nurture? ○ Findings from these studies indicate that both nature and nurture affect intelligence test scores ○ Nurture Factors § Prenatal □ Parent nutrition and substance/toxin intake § Postnatal □ Family, social class, education, nutrition, substance and toxin intake, breastfeeding • Are Animals Intelligent? ○ Animal cognition/comparative cognition Extra Credit • Dogs name was Chaser • She found a toy she hadn't seen, named Darwin


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