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Contacts with Clients and Other Callers

by: Katherine Notetaker

Contacts with Clients and Other Callers 101: Legal Office Concepts I

Katherine Notetaker

GPA 4.0
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About this Document

This is the first of three weeks of notes that will be on the second exam, which is scheduled for October 17.
Legal Office Concepts
Mary Brown
Class Notes
phone, appointments, diary




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katherine Notetaker on Tuesday October 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 101: Legal Office Concepts I at Bossier Parish Community College taught by Mary Brown in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Legal Office Concepts in Legal Assistant at Bossier Parish Community College.


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Date Created: 10/11/16
CONTACTS WITH CLIENT AND OTHER CALLERS Rules of telephone courtesy: A) Answer call promptly B) If you leave your desk for any reason, let someone know C) Polite and courteous when answering phone D) Keep pad and pen/pencil handy at all times E) Calm, even voice Give examples of telephone instructions your attorney should not have to tell you: A) Full name B) Get phone number (repeat it) C) Find out what call is regarding D) Never give legal advice E) Maintain goodwill ­ courteous F) Be prepared to handle emotional callers When making an appointment for an attorney, name at least three things you should do once  appointment has been made. A) Make sure attorney knows B) Write on all calendars C) Full name and phone number D) Existing client ­ pull file When making an appointment for a “walk in” client, describe how you would handle making an  appointment. A) If an attorney can see them, put them in conference room B) Visit with person ­ see if you can help them. If not, set them up. C) Business card ­ write date and time for appointment D) Put on all calendars What course of action do you take when a client arrives early for an appointment and begins  conversing with you? Offer them a magazine, something to drink, politely let them know you have a deadline and get  back to work If a client becomes hysterical while in your office, what course of action do you take? Call 911. Buzz or contact another employee to come up there. A client calls and wants to see his or her file ­ how would you handle that situation/ 1. What do you need? 2. Firing you ­ let attorney know, usually they will pull out what client does not need to get 3. Bill file to date What type of preparation do you need to do before placing a call on a file? Pull file, make sure we have everything we need in front of us to carry on conversation with  party ­ dates/times If the attorney is delayed in court or has forgotten an appointment, how would you handle that  situation/ A) Call client ­ let client know he has been held up in court and offer a later time that day or first  available B) Politely offer an excuse that they’ve been delayed and won’t be in ­ reschedule for earliest  possible time When placing a call for an attorney, how would you present yourself? Is it important that the  attorney is available to speak once you have the party on the line? A) Pull file B) Make sure your attorney knows you’re placing call C) Make the call ­ identify yourself ­ “This is Mary in David White’s office for Mr. Micotto calling with regard to Brown v. Brown.” Why is it important to maintain a telephone log, duplicate phone record book? A) Maintain a log of all incoming calls in the event you need the number again B) If client says they have repeatedly called you can verify it C) In the event of any lawsuit Why is it important to keep track of long distance calls? For billing purposes


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