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INT296E 10/11/2016

by: Katharine Anthony

INT296E 10/11/2016 INT 296 E

Katharine Anthony

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About this Document

Notes for Tuesday's class
Holy Nationalism
Prof. Lundquist and Prof. Roland
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katharine Anthony on Tuesday October 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to INT 296 E at Pace University taught by Prof. Lundquist and Prof. Roland in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Holy Nationalism in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at Pace University.

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Date Created: 10/11/16
INT296E_10_11_2016 Tuesday, October 11, 2016 2:13 PM Quran Background  Verses go longest to shortest o There is an exception  Sura one is just a few verses long  Not chronological order  No historical narrative o Numerous references to historical Umma community  Sura o Chapter in Arabic o Two Basic types of Suras  Meccan and Median  Sura 2 =Medina Sura  laws  Sura 114- Mecca  Soaring, poetic o All Suras except for sura 9 begins with a prayer.  In the Name of Allah the Gracious and Merciful.  Most of the Quran comes from the Hebrew Bible and New Testament o They are treated very differently  To understand they Quran we have to understand the Hadith  Hadith o Body of literature that the prophet said but aren't in the Quran  Has sayings of the prophet Mohammad  After his death it was processed by scholars for their authenticity  "So and so said that he heard from so and so that the prophet said"  Isnad o Published 150 years after  Sahi Bukhari o If there is some practice or belief that is not based in the Quran it is probably in the Hadith  The speaking voice in the Quran is always God and he is addressing the prophet Suras  The Meccans say that Mohammad is making this up but there are many examples in the Quran that are to prove he is not. o The Quran is supposed to be written in Arabic.  Sura 2 Verse 24-25  Sura 16 Verse 101  Holy Spirit = Jabril = Gabriel  Sura 2 Verse 97  This is supposed to confirm previous scriptures  Torah and the Gospel  They need to be confirmed because they're corrupted or distorted  Distortion of the scripture that is the greatest is that God has a son.  God does not have a partner so therefore he cannot have a son.  Heresy of attributing partners to God is called shirk.  Sura 20 verse 113  Sura 75 verse 16  Sura 39 verse 27  Sura ??verse 1  Sura 85 verse 21  Western Tradition has critical reading of the Scripture and Gospels o There is not scholarly criticism in the Muslim world. Origin of the Quran  List of the beginning of the Suras in chronological order o Sura 96 verse 1-5 o Sura 97 o Sura 73 o Sura 74  Hadith that goes with these: o Narrated Ayisha, mother of the faithful o Went to the cave of Hira where Muhammad would worship on his own. o Jabril came to him and asked him to read (iqra-> same root as Quran) Themes of the Quran  Theme of how the Hebrew scriptures are incorporated into the Quran o Suras 2, 3, 25 o Qibla - direction of prayer (that faces Mecca) there is a Mihrab or prayer ridge  Jihad- struggle o Suras 2, 9,22  Persecution was happening.  Marriage, divorce o Dowry is given to the woman o The quran says if the dowry remains that woman o When divorce occurs she can take her dowry but they can negotiate o Woman has to wait for 3 of her monthly periods to pass before she can divorce.  The End, The Hour o Eschatology  The science of the end time o Paradise and Hell  Sura 3, 78


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