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European Cinema Fac Com Resist

by: Angela D Nguyen

European Cinema Fac Com Resist FEA 346

Marketplace > California State University Long Beach > Film > FEA 346 > European Cinema Fac Com Resist
Angela D Nguyen
Long Beach State
GPA 3.5
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About this Document

These notes will help you on the exams in Jerry Mosher's class.
European Cinema Com Fac Resist
Class Notes
european, Cinema




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angela D Nguyen on Tuesday October 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FEA 346 at California State University Long Beach taught by Jerry in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see European Cinema Com Fac Resist in Film at California State University Long Beach.


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Date Created: 10/11/16
Self Made Hero - lack of moral clarity - mass delusion — “The con” of resistance Yalta conference Feb 1945 — Winston Churchill, FDR, Stalin Potsdam Conference (July - Aug 1945) “different quadrents; access West Berlin through plane. “hearts and minds” The Marshall Plan (1948) — a rebuilding plan for Europe after the war Berlin Blockage (June 1948 - May 1949) — and airlift Stalin suits off traffic to Berlin and secures its barrier Berlin —> “testicles of the West” 1949 NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization — most of the West agreements with allies and West Germany to help each other. — split Germany to East and West ( last ~ 40 years) 1949-1963 with Germany Chancellor Kond Adenaser — promises Germany not to have an army (recinding promises) crisis is danger and opportunity “The New German Cinema” 1942 - Oberhausen Film Festival “Oberhausen Manifesto” Fassbinder - Wim Wenders influence of Hollywood The Marriage of Maria Brown (1945-1954 setting) 1945 - defeat of Germany setting - Germany wins World Cup of soccer (they were back, could compete with sitter nanonv) 1945-1954: The German “economic miracle” [rebuilding] Maria is a symbol of economic miracle…Fassbinder: what bid sacrifice for this miracle. — Hollywood films of the 40’s — loosely based on “Mildred Pierce” - Warner Bros. 1945 — Family Melodrama ——one of the top exaggerated dramas…A PULTERY ——private desire conflicts with public morals Maria Braum loosely based on Mildred Pierce


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