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Idea Industries: Week 7

by: Cam Notetaker

Idea Industries: Week 7 APRD 1001

Cam Notetaker


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About this Document

These notes cover Monday's lecture and Joseph Pine's TED Talk.
Idea Industries
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cam Notetaker on Tuesday October 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to APRD 1001 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views.


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Date Created: 10/11/16
IDEA INDUSTRIES: Week 7 10/3 ADVERTISING AGENCIES: develop and manage brand communications for marketers. Holding companies:own all advertising agencies ● wpp : 200000 people, 3000 offices, 113 countries ● Omnicom ● Dentsu ● Publicis ● Interpublics ● Havas Global networks: agency network ● Ex) Ogilvy “Agencies must be the stewards of the brand…” -Charlotte beers PLANS AND STRATEGIES: Agencies turn and strategies into ideas ⇒ and turn ideas into ads ● In advertising, ideas do not turn into ads. ICEBERG ANALOGY: ● Marketing activity ● Strategic planning - not as public WHY IS STRATEGY IMPORTANT? ● The purpose of advertising is movement ⇒ reinforce image ● Change image ● Solve a problem ● Sell something DIFFERENT BRANDS HAVE DIFFERENT PROBLEMS: ● becoming irrelevant ● clutter Ex) old spice old brand - “if your grandpa didn't wear this, you wouldn't exist” BRAND POSITIONING: Starts with product 1. Leadership a. Nike: nike doesn't say they're better than other brands. They put themselves on a platform and direct their own image. b. Apple: to make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind c. Google: organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful 2. Against a. Chipotle: against the rest of the fast food market (fast food) b. Directv: against cable, tells you that if you continue to use cable you'll be fatty face 3. Price/Value a. WalMart: get more pay less 4. Segment by Usage a. Secret is a women's brand. It looks feminine through color and where it is sold in the store (gender specific market) b. Nyquil: dark bottle for night time c. Ben & Jerry's: product mission drives us to make fantastic ice cream for its own sake d. Coke: inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun basic ideas DEPARTMENTS: Account Management: ● Liaison between agency and client and between the working departments of the agency ○ Ex) Folgers ○ Problems communication must: ■ Tough market with strong competition ■ Multiple consumer choices inside and outside the category ■ Brand position/equity Account Planning: ● Research and insight ● Writes creative strategy ● How do consumers feel about: ○ Coffee ○ What need does it fulfil? ○ Where is it consumed? ● Insight Creative: ● Developed: ○ Concepts ○ Advertising ○ Campaigns ● Copywriters, art directors, producers, creative technologists Folgers coffee commercial: targets people who cannot function without coffee Support: print/ broadcasting 10/5 - Class Dismissed Where Good Ideas Come From Ch 6: ● “Gutenburg’s printing press was a classical combinatorial innovation… Each of the key elements that made it such a transformative machine… had been developed separately well before Gutenburg printed his first bible” (152). Joseph Pine Ted Talk: ● “Commodities were the basis of the agrarian economy that lasted for millennia” ● Agrarian economy ⇒ Industrial economy ⇒ Service Based economy ● Commodity: THINK ABOUT DISNEY ESSAY ● There’s no such thing as an inauthentic experience ● Being authentic human beings means that everything we experience is authentic ● Authenticity is the new consumer sensibility ● We're the agrarian economy, and we're supplying commodities. It's about supply and availability. Getting the commodities to market. ● With the industrial economy, it is about controlling costs -- getting the costs down as low as possible so we can offer them to the masses. ● With the service economy, it is about improving quality. ● All businesses are man made objects ⇒ Makes business inauthentic ● Two dimensions of authenticity: being true to yourself and being what you say you are to others ● Provide outlet to let humans be themselves ● Starbucks: If you want to know who we are, you have to come experience us.


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