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by: Amanda Van Spronsen
Amanda Van Spronsen


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About this Document

Child Psychology
Dr. Paula Frioli-Peters
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amanda Van Spronsen on Wednesday October 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 233 at Truckee Meadows Community College taught by Dr. Paula Frioli-Peters in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Child Psychology in Psychology (PSYC) at Truckee Meadows Community College.


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Date Created: 10/12/16
DRUM CORPS PACKING LIST •The Basics •Suitcase- Make sure it is big enough to hold all of your belongings you need for tour! Personally, I like to use the big rolling duffel bags with the drop down bottom. My suitcase is around 34” I believe? A suitcase with multiple compartments is useful since it helps me stay organized. I keep my clothes in the top compartment, and my sleeping/shower stuff in the bottom. •Air mattress- THIS IS DEFINITELY A MUST! Some people like to bring sleeping pads, but I love my air mattress. Since the corps is growing, they say to get a twin sized mattress so we can all fit in the gym. Sometimes the sleeping areas are small, so dont invest in anything bigger than a twin sized mattress! UNLESS you plan to share a bed with someone. Keep in mind, that if you are planning to share, it must be someone of the same gender. Boys and girls sleep on opposite sides of the gym. •Air pump- This is optional. If you invest in an air mattress that has an air pump built into it, even better. Keep in mind though, most of those require a plug to inflate so just imagine 149 other members searching for a plug to inflate their air mattresses at 2:30am. Last season, I had an air pump that I shared with one other person. We took turns charging it and keeping it in our bags. I would also recommend NOT to get the battery operated ones. Invest in a good air pump that comes with the plug in charger. They’re like $15 at good old Walmart. •Sleeping bag/blankets & a pillow- You can either bring a sleeping bag or a couple of blankets with you. It does get really cold in the gyms at times so bring a blanket that will keep you warm. You can also carry it on the bus with you along with your pillow to stay comfortable for the long bus rides. It also get cold on the bus. I would also invest in a bed sheet just to make your air mattress feeling a little bit more like a bed. • Laundry supplies- Although the corps does supply laundry detergent for laundry days, it’s helpful if you have your own. I use Tide pods, or any type of laundry pods. In the real world, you only need to use one-two pods for your laundry. In the Drum Corps world, you do your laundry every two weeks and your clothes will smell really really really bad. SO, I recommend bringing at least 8-9 pods. Maybe more if you are planning to share your washing load with a friend. But by myself I usually use 4 pods to make my clothes smell normal.. You will also need dryer sheets. People often forget about these, but they are not only good to have for laundry, but good for the bus! People like to stick them in their uniform bags, their performance shoes, ect. $20 in quarters should be great for the two laundry days. (Better safe than sorry!) OPTIONAL: A laundry bag! This will make your life so much easier on laundry days. You not only have a place to stick your dirty laundry, but you also have something to carry it in to and from laundromats. Having the little bead boosts that you put in with your laundry will also make your clothes smelling normal again. I like to use these because your clothes will smell really bad. This just helps your clothes get back to smelling like normal. ● Rehearsal Items •Backpack- This will be your new best friend. There isn’t a time where you will walk somewhere without your backpack. This will go on the bus with you and to multiple fields. Make sure it’s a durable backpack. You want it to last you from May-August. I use my school backpack which is the Northface brand. I’m not saying go out and spend $80 on a backpack, but make sure it’s going to last through different weather. •Binder- A ½” binder with clear protective sheets and maybe some binder paper will do just fine. We will be receiving big coordinate sheets that allow you to see your dot and what the picture is supposed to be. It is easiest if you put the pages in the clear protective sheets and have with you the whole time. •Dot Book(s)- YOU MUST HAVE YOUR DOT BOOK WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES!! You will need to get 2-3 (suggested) 50-100 page, multicolored, spiraled index cards. This will hold all of your dot information. YOU will be responsible for writing YOUR coordinates in these dot books. This will include the set number, how many counts the move is, and possible the letters each set to each set is. You will also need a shoelace to tie your dot book onto your waist, or a fanny pack to hold your dot book in. Our sets are constantly changing so that’s why it’s good to get more than 1. Plus if you are deciding to tie it around your waist, it will get ruined from the rain, the sun, your sweat, the ground, etc. •Pencils- You will need pencils and a lot of them. As I said in the dot book bullet about our sets changing often, you will need a pencil to write down your new set. You will lose pencils on the field, misplace them, let a friend borrow them, or whatever. I would suggest a mechanical pencil with enough lead to last you through summer. Or just buy lead to refill it. •Water jug- Make sure you have a one gallon water jug. The coleman brand is the one that usually everyone gets. Anything less than one gallon will not do. You want to make sure it’s able to hold enough water for at least one-two blocks. You will be able to refill your water jug during breaks. •Guard gloves- We will all most likely be wearing gloves whether you are a weapon or not. Make sure you have these will you since they will be a part of your uniform. •Sunscreen- We will be out in the sun basically everyday for almost 12 hours a day at times. It really doesn’t matter what SPF it is after 50 because it literally does the same thing. I would suggest getting the lotion instead of the spray since the spray kind of goes to waste. I agree that it’s fast and easy to put on, but if you plan your time wisely before blocks have started, you will have more than enough time to put on sunscreen. If you are to get the spray kind, the cooling sunscreen spray is really nice for those hot days. •Aloe- Suggested for those who sunburn easily or just to have. •Bug Spray- In different states, there are different types of bugs. I would HIGHLY suggest you invest in bug spray. I mean, unless you would like to be eaten by bugs. •Gold Bond (Optional)- This not only helps with shoe odor, but also helps prevent things like athlete's foot. A little goes a long way so maybe share with a friend. •Ibuprofen/Advil/Tylenol/Inhalers ect- Pretty self explanatory. Just take care of your body. You know yourself better than anyone else, so if something isn’t feeling right let a staff member know. •Clothing • Shoes- Bring two pairs of running shoes. You never know what the weather conditions may be like and it’s always good to have a backup pair of shoes. Invest in a good pair that will last you through tour. You will be wearing these everyday on different fields so they will get ruined. Maybe go to a shoe store and talk to someone there about what shoes are best to get for this activity. Other members will also post about what shoes have worked for them. I usually get Nike Free runs. • Socks- You will need around 20-30 pairs of socks. Things happen will happen. You will lose your socks, your socks will be soaked from the rain, you’ll get holes in them, ect. Whatever the condition may be, always have lots of socks! I like to wear the no show Champion socks. They sell them at target. I also bring nike crew socks with me to wear on the bus or even sometimes a rehearsals. You will need a pair of long knee high socks or whatever for a show day hype. This will be explained later on. •Shorts- I usually pack around 15 pairs of shorts/spandex with me for tour. I have rehearsal shorts and a pair of warm up shorts for show days. •Shirts- Same with the shirts. I usually like to bring more tank tops than tshirts. Up to you what you want to pack. •FOR GIRLS: Sports bras/show bras- I will pack around 15 pairs of sports bras and a couple of show day/free day bras. Depending on what the uniform is the bra will obviously vary. •Underwear- Extra is better! •Sweatshirts/sweats- Honestly, there is no need to bring pajamas on tour. It’s easiest if you just go to sleep in your rehearsal clothes for the next day, That way you don’t have to worry about changing into rehearsal clothes. It will get cold in the gym and on the bus. It’s always good to have these items on standby just in case you wake up in the middle of the night and need to put extra clothing items on. •FREE DAY OUTFITS- We will be having free days while on tour. One in San Antonio and possibly one somewhere else (I have no clue). But it may be hot or it may be cold. Definitely in San Antonio it will be really hot. I would suggest bringing 2-3 normal people outfits. Some people like to get all fancy and dress up, it’s totally up to you. There will be a mall where you can buy more normal people clothing. ● Toiletries (One months worth for tour) • Shampoo/Conditioner & body wash- I use 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner just because it’s faster and less to carry. Body wash obviously •Toiletries case- To carry all of your belongings in when it’s time to shower. Make life a lot easier. •Towel(s)- Pretty self explanatory. I would bring two just in case one if still wet or something. •Shower shoes- Basically rubber flip flops/sandals that you can wear while you shower. Don’t want to go barefoot just in case something gross might be on the bathroom floor. They’re like $3 at old navy probably. •Loofah/Sponge- Self explanatory • OPTIONAL: Face wash, contact solution (you should probably bring this is you wear contacts), ect. • Toothbrush/toothpaste/floss- Pretty self explanatory • Deodorant- To keep your pits smelling nice and fresh •Shaving/grooming needs- Razor blades, brushes, combs, ect. •Hair Styling products- Gel, hairspray, bobby pins, rubber bands, blow dryer (optional), straightener/curling iron (optional) •Feminine products- Pretty self explanatory as well. • Makeup- Any show makeup and qtips are always good to have just in case you mess up. •Bus Essentials • Suction Basket(Optional) - Like the ones you use for your shower, you can also keep them on the window by your seat. It’s easy to hold things like your phone, phone charger, headphones, ect. •Bus Box- A plastic storage box big enough to fit underneath your seat or in the bays filled with delicious snacks for those long bus rides. These can be found at Walmart or Target. Other things to carry on the bus: Pillow Blanket Cell Phone Cell Phone Charger Backpack •Other Miscellaneous Items • Power Strip- At housing sites, it’s hard for everyone to use just one plug. It’s good to have a power strip labeled with your name on it. ALWAYS label your belongings! •Electrical tape- Color will vary, but definitely the basic colors. So black and white. Bring at least 4-5 rolls of each since we will have to retape our equipment a lot. •Sharpies- To label your equipment and other personal belongings. • Bandaids- You will probably get a cut here and there at sometime. If you have any other questions or just want to suggests what you like to pack on tour feel free to let everyone know your tips and tricks! Hope this helped!


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