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Women Studies 10/13/16

by: Kalee Grace Jones

Women Studies 10/13/16 WS 200

Kalee Grace Jones

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About this Document

These are lecture notes and video notes from 10/13/16
Intro To Women Studies
Stephanie Fishel
Class Notes
Women, Studies
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kalee Grace Jones on Wednesday October 12, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to WS 200 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Stephanie Fishel in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Intro To Women Studies in Gender and Women Studies at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 10/12/16
Women Studies 10/13/16 What are politics? • Politics-the activities of governments concerning the political relations between countries. • We cannot always make individual decisions all the time. • We give up our ideas in exchange for protection by the state • How much government do we want in our lives? - The number one question right now in the United States. • Politics asks how will we live together. We all have competing ideas. • What three things can Trump or Clinton do to help out those who feel like they didn’t get a say in the election? • We are caught in individuality in America. • How do we socially construct mental illness? • The world is made for someone who is a certain heigh t, weight, people who have two legs that work, etc. • Our bodies are fragile. It is soft and can die. When we are young we do not think about it. • Social Construction. • We make it hard for “Non-normal people” to be in our sight or even live. • Every four years when we have an election we are having a little revolution. Neoliberalism is creating loneliness. That’s what is wrenching society apart. By George Monbiot • Anxiety, stress, depression, social phobia, eating disorders, self -harm and loneliness are KILLING people all over the world. • Social Media and society are to blame. Everyone fills they can not fit in, so they end up hurting themselves or stressing over themselves • We are mammals and are socially constructed. • Self-Harm is the biggest killer in the UK for people 20 and under. • “Children who experience emotional neglect, according to some findings, suffer worse mental health consequences than children suffering both emotional neglect and physical abuse: hideous as it is, violence involves attention and contact.” (Monbiot) • It is frustrating to hide your mental illness, or anger • Obesity becomes a problem because you want to hide when you eat. • You feel unsettled when you are not at your usual perspective. • Our kitchens are made for people who are average height. Examined Life-Judith Butler and Sunaura Taylor • A disabled woman and a normal woman take a “walk” together • Public Transportation and buildings have places that are accessible to disabled people. This opens a door to make disabled people socially acceptable. • She uses the term “going for a walk” and explains that this is not unusual for her to say. • We all have unique embodiments • Disabled people are socially isolated, do not have as many job openings available, and they do not have as many housing options available. • Gender and disability converge in many different ways. • Disabled people experience a lot of violence and are told things like “you walk like a monkey” when they are little and can actual ly walk. • We all need each other to live in our everyday lives. ADHD sucks, but not really • (Ted Talks) • “Pay Attention”, “Do you even think”, “We just went over that, how do you not remember? ” • All these expressions have been said to the speaker • Is ADHD inherently dysfunctional? • Brainstorming is great for ADHD people. They have many thoughts, and this helps them start thinking of deeper thoughts. • Their passions are authentic! If they are showing interest, it is real! • They are hyper focused, they absorb stuff like a sponge, they just cannot choice what they absorb. 2 3


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