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Week 6 History of Interiors and Furnishings

by: Kaylee Lynn Rowland

Week 6 History of Interiors and Furnishings 333

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Stout > ARTH - Art History > 333 > Week 6 History of Interiors and Furnishings
Kaylee Lynn Rowland
GPA 3.075

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About this Document

Baroque, rococo, neo-classic
History of Interiors
Dr. James Bryan
Class Notes
week, 6, history, Of, Interors, and, Furnishings, Baroque, rococo, neoclassic
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This 29 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaylee Lynn Rowland on Thursday October 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 333 at University of Wisconsin - Stout taught by Dr. James Bryan in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see History of Interiors in ARTH - Art History at University of Wisconsin - Stout.


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Date Created: 10/13/16
1 American style - transplanted English style - middle class application - same trend in both countries - American furniture smaller than English - budget is a lot lower so houses were smaller - no longer the ENTIRE house hold – some people are no longer living in house - definite set of chairs became popular - suggests a membership Chair‘ - easy chair - fully upholster - healthy chair didn’t need that much comfort - for the old and sick - chamber pot under - potty chair - late as 1820s it was considered the old sick chair 62 Room - oriental rug on table - super rare so were show pieces and not to be walked on - only because they were imported 62 English Baroque - French/Dutch style Sea fairing for England - Corkscrew spindle effect - interesting, eye catching form - Seen as very luxuries at the time - carved out by hand, no mechanical shortcut 63 -Asian influenced cabinet part - European base and top - made it treated like it as work of art - imported/real Asian stuff was pricey - local Asian stuff was fake and cheap 64 65 66 French Rococo - Elite French rooms - elaborate wooden carvings - great deal of gold leaf - pastel walls with edges trimmed in gold leaf - light cream or baby blues, pinks, pea green - days of louis the 15th - things are curvy - classical forms - fluid organic naturalistic - change in style from wealthy upper-class was tired of formality and rigidity after louis 14 died after reigning for 60 years. - something more relaxed and comfortable - relaxed - wanted to be sheik and glamour's but not uptight 67 67 - No longer tall and loom over user - now short and horizontal - Much more comfortable to use - low storage called commode - where the word accommodating came from - much more sculptural ornament - form of object is sculptural - obviously very expensive - gold - marble top - all the bulges and curves the wood work has 68 - Upholstery becomes important - Still wants you to be graceful - but not boring - Chaise – longue – long chair - for lounging not sitting up straight - more about having conversation - velvet died a color adds to expense - still interested in status - wooden frame has intricate detailing – wood with gold leaf - cushions filled with feathers 69 - Has some references from roman empire - door frame - Rococo fru fru surround other parts of the rom - gets away from ancient roman architecture - Love hate relationship for French style - liked it but had strong prejudices against French - English thought the French was fashionable people - also thought French was immoral, indulged appetites and lusts (roman Catholics, hypocrites that can just go to confession) - English were protestant and felt they behaved t themselves better - gossipy condensation to be “too French” - Sill an architectural aspect to case pieces - furniture made to hold things architectural - furniture made to hole humans more anatomical 70 71 - Legs are cabriole legs - s profile - Claw and ball leg - Back rest has post on each side with space in-between the central splat in the middle - late rococo chairs in same country became more elaborate Chippendale - high profile clients - more important of reporter of high end furniture - book sold as far as Russia and 13 colonies - shows the latest fashions - international best seller - first complete book of furniture style - 72 73 - Block fronting - tall chest of drawers - chest on chest - Comes more from Dutch than English - outer projections and recesses - could be from one piece of wood - or projections nailed on - High status costly piece of furniture - block fronting uses a lot of extra wood - wasteful style - a new England style - Rhode Island – smallest of all colonies - have circle shells on top and bottom 74 75 Early Neoclassic - references ancient Greek and roman taste - not all that accurate or thorough - more about Anti rococo qualities rather than referencing romans and Greeks -styles just wear themselves out - Shallow 2d effects - Still very detail with wood paneling - Expensive– for the queen - Grotesques painted on wall paneling and in the seating furniture - Imaginary structures with architecture elements with mythological creatures– impossible structure on solid colored background - name comes from finding cave like things after homes have been covered to build on top of (raphel) - more geometric than rococo - Going back towards French Baroque 76 - wants it to be lighter - less bulky and massive (rococo light and delicate) 76 - Things become squared up again - asymmetric turns controlled - ancient style shown with repeating boarders and the posts on the sides of the back rests - curves that are found are geometric and symmetric - can graph them on graph paper with compass - not natural swirls and curves - wooden frames carved elaborately - covered in gold leaf - Too flashy for English – gold covered - Never found in America unless mirror frame or picture frame - not rich enough for European standards 77 78 Robert Adam - From Scotland - Most work in England - did renovations and adding on to homes - create unique space with custom designed flooring that harmonized with ceiling decorations he did - unified entity Library - add on to already existing house - Flat and 2d - Pastels rather than dark saturated colors - Color scheme is rococo 79 - Grotesque ornament on the doors - ancient references - Adam just designed– didn’t build or paint it 80 - Satinwood and other woods, Ivory, Ormolu - Wood shimmers with light yellow color - popular wood was walnut and mahogany - style is about flat smooth surfaces and light colors - Dark woods like walnut and mahogany not in style anymore 81 - Published books like what Chippendale was to rococo - light weights with clean geometric forms and smooth surfaces - could be mixed and matched - hard to tell which is which - just call it early neoclassic - 3 patterns of chair - squared legs – light weight and tapered - seat down they all were pretty much same - back rests were where the difference was - oval with perforated splat (L) - shield or badge shape with delicate splats (R) - Trapezoid like or keystone (M) 82 Prince of whales feather – er to the British thrones symbol - Americans still copied English styles even though they didn’t want to follow their gov. rules - 83 John Seymour - English man who moves to Massachusetts - very English style - Son learns how to work in his fathers English style and works together Card Table - Smooth and light weight (Not like block fronting) - 84 - Distinctly American - refined version of a tradition farm house ladder-back chair - Comes from trotters back ground - Quaker - plane and simple - worldly things is a distraction - stuff is less important than your soul - has to make some conceptual compromises to make his designs more fashionable to get customers interested - George Washington bought a set - 85 86


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