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GR 1123 Class Notes Week 8

by: Juliette R

GR 1123 Class Notes Week 8 GR 1123

Marketplace > Mississippi State University > Geography > GR 1123 > GR 1123 Class Notes Week 8
Juliette R
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

Class notes covering Russia. Friday, October 7 and Monday, October 10, 2016
Intro World Geography
Sarah Radencic
Class Notes
World Geography
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Juliette R on Thursday October 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GR 1123 at Mississippi State University taught by Sarah Radencic in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Intro World Geography in Geography at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 10/13/16
GR 11223 World Geography 1 10/07/2016 Russia ● 4 Regions (can be split up into 4 or 2 regions) ○ Russian Core/Plains ○ Eastern Frontier ○ Siberia (extremely cold) ○ Western Russia vs Eastern Russia ● Physical Geography ○ Russian Plain ■ West​ of the Ural Mountains ; Moscow (​Core of R​ssia) ○ Ural Mountains ​(2000 miles long) ■ Low relief mountain chain separat​ ast and West Russia ○ Western Siberia​ (constant elevation) ■ Flat plains and forests ○ Central Siberia ■ Moderate mountains, very cold (Arctic Circle) ○ Eastern Highlands ​ Mostly the Yukatski Basin) ■ One of the most remote places on earth ● Climate ○ Subarctic/Tundra majority ○ Russian Core: Humid continental ● Interesting Facts ○ Continentality​ has huge impact on Russia’s climate ■ Similar to the upper midwest and Canada ○ Economy is rising ■ It depends heavily on oil ■ Becoming increasingly more “modern” an​ estern​” ○ Encompasses ​9 time zones ■ Wake up in Siberia...Go to sleep in Moscow ○ Largest Country ​ y area in the world ■ Canada is the 2nd largest ■ Bigger than Pluto ○ Approx 9 million more women than men ○ Lots of coastline...Frozen ■ Available coastline​ ontrolled by other countries​ (Turkey, Ukraine, Western Europe) ■ 77% of russia = Siberia ● The Soviet Union ○ USSR (CCCP) ■ Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics ○ Formed in 1917 after t​ olshevik Revolution ■ Most citizens were very poor, unhappy ​ utocratic Tsar system Study Soup: Juliette Reid 2016 GR 11223 World Geography 2 ■ Monarchy o​ f Russia was overthrown ● Tsar Nicholas II ​ and his family were executed ● Order was given by Lenin himself ● Communism in the USSR ○ A ​ ederation ​ of power ■ A split of power with no true ruler (technically) ○ Russification: ■ The idea of replacing ethnic areas with Russians; ethnic groups moved east ○ Command Economy: ■ A system where the government assigns sectors of production to particular areas with disregard to economic principles ■ Eg. Latvia was assigned to make railroad equipment even though the raw materials and cheaper labor were in Volgograd (1250 miles away) ■ Disregards efficiency ○ Communism: ■ Socioeconomic system structured upo​ ommon ownership of the means of production ■ Ideally characterized by​ bsence ​ f ​social clas​ ​mone​ and the state ■ Theoretical construc​…doesn’t translate into reality ● Spread of Soviet Influence ○ After WWII, Communism spread into Eastern Europe ■ Albania, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, and East Germany (1945) ■ Initiated by Soviet government ■ Warsaw Pact ● All Communist states/countries join together against NATO ■ Spread to China and Korea in the 1950s (Korean War) ■ Cuba in 1959 with Fidel Castro ● Cuban Missile Crisis ■ Southeast Asia in 1954 (Vietnam War) and Africa in the 1970s ■ Created tensions with the US and Europe ■ Started the Cold War ● Cold War Video ○ More global, widespread conflict ■ Not centralized to a certain area like WWI & WWII ○ Series of Proxy wars ○ Red Scare & McCarthyism ○ Space Race ○ De Tante: period of improved relations (thawing out) ■ Salt I &II agreements ○ 2 Olympics boycotted Study Soup: Juliette Reid 2016 GR 11223 World Geography 3 ○ Al Qaeda created in the 80s ○ Dissolution of the Soviet Union ended the Cold War in 1991 10/10/2016 ● Space Race Video ○ Sputnik by Russia October 1957 ○ December 6 ‘57 US Vanguard failure ○ April ‘61 Russian Man first in space ○ February ‘62 First American Man in space ○ May ‘61 Americans announced their goal to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade ○ July 20 ‘69 First American Man on the moon ○ End of the space race 1975 when an American and a Russian space station docked together ○ Funding for research and development during the this time increased ■ Memory foam, satellites that run phones, cancer treatments, LED lights, duct tape, firefighter's’ outfits, artificial limbs, milk jugs ○ Eisenhower created NASA and US Air Force ● Post Soviet Union ○ The ​ ussian Federation​ ( 1991-Present) ■ Becoming more “European” culturally and political​ estern W Society​) ○ Only ​ Men ​ have been president in the past 22 years ■ Yeltsin, Putin, Medvedev, Putin (again) Study Soup: Juliette Reid 2016


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