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italian 111, note set 2

by: Alina Notetaker

italian 111, note set 2 IT111

Alina Notetaker
Fashion Institute of Technology
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

Most popular verbs, majors in Italian, which verbs change using -isc-, piacere tenses.
Fabiana Graziani
Class Notes
italian, italianstudies, italian111
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alina Notetaker on Thursday October 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to IT111 at Fashion Institute of Technology taught by Fabiana Graziani in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Italian in Foreign Language at Fashion Institute of Technology.


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Date Created: 10/13/16
Italian 111 Note set 2 Basic verb vocabulary: most important words Le attivita: Le materie: Fare - to be La quirisprudenza - law Avere - ho have L’informatica - computer science Bere - to drink L’ingegneria - engineering Andare - to drink Le lettere - humanities Abitare - to live Le lingue straniere- foreign languages Arrivare - to arrive La materia - subject Aspetare - to wait for La psicologia - psychology Cencare - to look for Le scienze naturali - natural science Cominciare - to start Le scienze politiche - political science Desiberare - to wish La sociologia - sociology Desegnare - to draw La storia - history Domandare - to ask L’architettura - architecture Entrare - to enter La biologia - biology Frequantare - to attend L’economia - economics Giocare - to play La filosofia - philosophy Guardare - to watch La fisica - physics Imparare - to learn Il giornalismo - journalism Incontrare - to meet Lavorare - to work Manglare - to eat Parlare - to talk Pensare - to think Tornare - to return La descrizione delle materie: Difficile - hard, difficult Divertente - fun, amusing Facile - easy Interessante - interesting Noioso/a - boring Ti piace…? - Do you like..? (non) Mi piace… - I like.. Nouns listed above have one of the 3 types of conjugation that Italian language has : -are, -ere, -ire( check my study guide 1 to know how they change) . But there are few nouns that end with -ire that change differently. Those are : preferire - to prefer finire - to finish pulire - to clean capire - to understand Insert -isc- before the present tense endings, except in the noi and voi forms. For example, Preferire io prefer-isc-o tu prefer-isc-i lui/lei prefer-isc-e noi prefer-iamo voi prefer-ite loro prefer-isc-ono Some words like piacere (to like) have only 2 tenses: piace piacciono Mi piace (I like) la pizza so actually what would change isn't a verb but the person who you're talking about: io - mi tu - ti lui/lei - gli/le noi - ci voi - vi loro - gli When to use piace and piacciono? If you like something thats singular or activity- use piace (pizza), in plural - piacciono (mountains).


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