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Sexuality notes week 9

by: Ashlyn Masters

Sexuality notes week 9 HDFS 3040-001

Marketplace > Auburn University > HDFS > HDFS 3040-001 > Sexuality notes week 9
Ashlyn Masters

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About this Document

These notes cover the rest of chapter 8 and the beginning of chapter 12
Human Sexuality Over the Family Life Cycle
Carol L. Roberson
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashlyn Masters on Thursday October 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HDFS 3040-001 at Auburn University taught by Carol L. Roberson in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Human Sexuality Over the Family Life Cycle in HDFS at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 10/13/16
Chapter 8: Sexual Behaviors (cont.) 10/10/16 Masturbation techniques • Women o May get more intense orgasms from masturbation than from interpersonal sex, but may feel guilty o Methods include clitoral stimulation, stimulation of mons, labia or G-spot, use erotic aids (including vibrators and dildos) • Men o Up and down stroking of penis; may use aids like artificial vaginas, inflatable dolls • Frequency varies by ethnicity Interpersonal sexuality • Context is important (see the Maltz Hierarchy) o Conditions for good sex are choice, caring, respect and safety • There are a variety of behaviors that may occur in different orders o Kissing, touch, oral-genital sex, anal sex, sexual intercourse o Touch- tendency among heterosexuals to engage in relatively little non- genital touching during sex § Touching increases oxytocin • Masters and Johnson emphasized pleasuring (non-genital touching and caressing) as a way of learning about other areas of the body; massage is another way Oral-genital sex • Increasingly popular, especially among individuals from the White middle class • Among college students: about 80% • Cunnilingus o Previous 3040 classes: 57% yes (receiving) 42% no o Most women prefer partner not to start with genital stimulation but to start elsewhere and move down o May enjoy insertion of finger(s) into vagina • Concerns o Many women worry if partner is enjoying the experience and have concerns about vaginal odors (use unscented, un-deodorized soap – NOT douching) • Also, during pregnancy, do NOT blow into the vagina à it can kill the fetus • How much do women enjoy sex during pregnancy? st nd o 1 trimester they don’t want to have sex much, improves slightly in 2 trimester, but during the overall 9 months, sex drive is lower Fellatio • Previous 3040 classes: 70% yes (giving), 30% no • Most common form of gay sex • Men also often enjoy gradual approach • Concerns o Gagging response (let person performing control depth – hold hand around base of penis to prevent gagging) • Ejaculate can be in mouth or not o If yes, to swallow or not o Taste can be impacted by diet o Volume will be less if the man has recently ejaculated • HIV – can contract if there are sores or cuts in the mouth • Autofellato- only about 1% of men can do it Anal Stimulation • Nerve endings make orgasm possible, but need lubrication and can take time to learn to relax the sphincter enough to be pleasurable – particularly for penile insertion • Concerns o Fecal bacteria is the main issue • Anal “rimming” is very risky – even with washing • Anal penetration followed by vaginal penetration can cause vaginal infections • One of the most risky behaviors in terms of the spread of HIV Touching and Tribadism • Touching: extragenital touching more common among gay men, who display more diversity in behaviors than straight men (including hugging, snuggling, etc.) • Tribadism: rubbing genitals against partner’s body or genitals o Common among lesbian women Chapter 8: Sexual Behaviors (cont.) 10/12/16 Sexual Intercourse • Face-to-face, man on top: most common in heterosexual relationships o Advantages § Feels culturally comfortable § Gives man maximum activity and control § Good for getting pregnant (but don’t get up afterwards) o Disadvantages § Weight § Woman does not get as much movement § Difficult if either partner is obese or the woman is pregnant § Deep penetration can be uncomfortable (due to the penis hitting against the cervix) • Female on top o Allows woman maximum activity and control o Allows either partner to caress woman’s clitoris (which increases her likelihood of orgasm) o Good for late in pregnancy • Side-by-side o Advantage § Both can easily caress (hands are free- not holding yourself up) o Disadvantage § Can be difficult to achieve and maintain penetration • Rear-entry (vaginal) o Advantages § Allows caressing of woman’s clitoris § May provide stimulation of G-spot o Disadvantages § No face to face § Penis may fall out § May get contamination from the anus Chapter 12: Sexuality During Childhood and Adolescence 10/9/16 Infant/toddler sexuality • Both males and females engage in masturbation that appears to include an orgasm (nonejaculatory in males); mostly rubbing against objects; may touch other’s sex part; enjoys nudity • These behaviors appear gratifying and often are seen at naptime and bedtime – often a way of self-soothing • **Role of parents – usually no intervention; avoid negative reaction, but emphasize privacy (“That feels really good, doesn’t it? But you need to do it in the privacy of your own room”) Childhood sexuality • Masturbation- many begin manipulation of genitals during early childhood • Most understand privacy issues, but if not, parents can make comments about choice of location (rather than the activity) • Telling them to stop doesn’t usually make the behavior go away, it just makes them feel bad about it (leads to shame about it/sexuality which can lead on to shame about their body later on) • Childhood sex play o >50% of kids engage in it o Usually involves curiosity about sexual equipment, exhibition (“you show me yours…”) and playing roles (doctor, husband/wife)


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