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English 207 - Shakespeare 1 Notes Week 3

by: Emily Faulconer

English 207 - Shakespeare 1 Notes Week 3 Eng 207

Marketplace > University of Oregon > English > Eng 207 > English 207 Shakespeare 1 Notes Week 3
Emily Faulconer
GPA 3.49

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About this Document

These notes cover the rest of The Taming of the Shrew (Acts 3-5) and all things discussed in class.
Shakespeare 1
Prof. Macrae
Class Notes
Shakespeare, taming, Of, The, Shrew, english, 207, macrae, Emily, faulconer, notes, week, 3
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Faulconer on Thursday October 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Eng 207 at University of Oregon taught by Prof. Macrae in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Shakespeare 1 in English at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 10/13/16
This package contains notes from the lectures and assigned readings for Week 3. Disclaimer: My notes will remain as MY OWN interpretation of the material. These notes are designed to help you gain an outside perspective on the material, or help you to achieve a multi-aspect understanding of material that might be difficult. As such, they will point out only what may be considered important for the exams, and minimalist commentary on the plays we are reading. Eng 207 – Taming of the Shrew Act 3 – 10/10/16 (Week 3) The tutors and Bianca - Fighting over who will give her a lesson first - Bianca asks them to stop fighting and that who will go first is her choice o She goes with Lucentio - Lucentio tells Bianca he is actually there to woo her while reading Latin o Bianca tells him she doesn’t trust him yet, but not to lose hope - Hortensio hands her a sheet with a musical scale. Shows his intensions. o Bianca says she doesn’t care for it. Rejects it. Before the wedding - Petruccio hasn’t arrived yet - Kate bemoans this telling everyone ‘I told you so’ - Petruccio comes in incredibly terrible clothing - Tranio and Baptista are mad (u mad bro?) After wedding - Tranio and Lucentio plot to hire some guy to pretend to be Vicentio and promise Baptista more money - Gremio reports that Petruccio made a scene of the wedding - Petruccio announces that he has to go - He insists/is happy that Kate asks him to stay, but he leaves anyway - Kate insists on staying - Petruccio forces her to leave Eng 207 – Taming Acts 4 and 5 – 10/10/16 (Week 3) Grumio and Curtis - Grumio constantly stating how cold it has become - Grumio tells Curtis what happened o Kate fell from her horse, Petruccio beat him, and the horse ran away with all of Grumio’s things Petruccio and Kate come home - Petruccio abuses his servants - Does not allow Kate to eat by insisting the meat is bad - Says he will not allow her to sleep either until she submits to him Tranio and Hortensio - They see Lucentio courting Bianca and Hortensio quits in his endeavor to woo her - Hortensio leaves and Tranio meets with a pedant who he hires to act like Vicentio Grumio and Kate - Kate begs for food - Grumio offers food and then immediately withdraws said food to torture her The dress and cap - Petruccio says everything is terrible when Kate says it’s just fine - Petruccio says they’ll return home to Baptista in poor clothing Tranio meets Baptista with fake Vicentio - Baptista agrees to the marriage Petruccio convinces Kate to agree when he says the sun is the moon They meet with Vicentio - Vicentio comes with them to Padua Vicentio comes to Lucentio’s house only to be locked out by the fake Vicentio and loyal Biondello - Lucentio comes and confesses the truth Wedding Banquet - Kate and Hortensio’s widow butt heads - A wager on which wife is most obedient o Katherine wins - Petruccio makes Kate bring the other women forth and has her scold them about being more dutiful wives Eng 207 – Lecture 5 – 10/11/16 (Week 3) Wedding Scene different sides - Kate asks Petruccio to stay o Sarcastically? o Earnestly? - “That have beheld me give away myself” (Line 67, Page 203) o To rub in the fact that he has a choice in Kate’s face? o To make himself her equal? - Petruccio’s actions at the wedding shifts all the attention from Kate and onto him o Makes everyone sympathize with her o Or it humiliates her more Emotional battles - “I want you, I need you, I love you” o What is stronger?  Need: in some way you are necessary  Love: Beyond self, other’s needs are included o Kate raises the stakes when she asks Petruccio “If you love me”  How does that paint his response? Breaking Kate - Isolation - Starvation - Sleep Deprivation - Offer of gifts only to have those gifts withheld - Taking away all comforts only to give them as a reward for good behavior o Sun and moon convo - If she agrees does she really think that? o True agreement v. play agreement  Are both a form of breaking?


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