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CS: Kate Sullivan

by: Micah Haji-Sheikh

CS: Kate Sullivan EDU 202-2001

Micah Haji-Sheikh

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About this Document

A brief synopsis of the Kate Sullivan Case study
Introduction to Secondary Education
Robert Shkorupa
Class Notes
Teaching, Education, Secondary
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Micah Haji-Sheikh on Thursday October 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to EDU 202-2001 at College of Southern Nevada taught by Robert Shkorupa in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Secondary Education in Education at College of Southern Nevada.


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Date Created: 10/13/16
“A principal faces the problems endemic to the students served by her school, located in a low socioeconomic area, which are compounded by the schools underfunding” Kate Sullivan ​ Elementary school principal for 17 years Miguel Aurrillio​ - A student who recently immigrated with his family from Mexico, who ____________s ​ peaks limited english Peter Warren ​- Superintendent Nason Burns - ​ Deputy Commissioner of Education As Kate Sullivan does her morning walk through the elementary school playground, she notices some boys dealing drugs. Upon approaching them, Kate discovers that they are only pretending, but the money they’re using ($20s and $50s) are all too real. She traces the cash back to Miguel Arrillio. Kate takes Miguel into her office so that she can call Miguel’s mother. A short while later, Miguel’s father angrily bursts into the room, accompanied by Miguel’s two brothers. Realizing Miguel’s father does not understand her, Kate calls in Emilio and Barry; the security guard and the custodian - more so for translation than for protection (she hopes). Though her spanish is limited, Kate understands Miguel’s father is furious with his son. Kate attempts to defuse the situation, and asks Mr. Aurrillio to take a seat so that they can talk. Mr. Aurrillio pretends he doesn’t know where the money came from, Miguel sulks in a chair, his two brothers say nothing. Kate tells Miguel’s father that his son should not bring large sums of money to school. The Aurrillio’s leave, and Kate walks Miguel to class. The city and school district are incredibly poor, many of the school’s students don’t speak english, and the school's state score are subpar at best. Later that day, Kate has a meeting with Nason Burns and Peter Warren to discuss the school’s scores, and the challenges of this particular school. Kate brings up the issue of overcrowding, the root of many of the school’s problems - with no end in sight. Nason asks about parent involvement. Try as she might, Kate explains many parents couldn’t help out because of the amount of jobs and hours they work, or the limited english they spoke. Kate also mentions the other half of parents are constantly working against the school, or are indifferent. She tells Nason 90% of her students are on free or reduced lunch. Kate illustrates her point by bringing up Miguel, and the situation from that morning. There comes a point where education alone can only do so much, and unless something changes at home, nothing will change. Kate explains that the staff has to do so much more for their students besides just teach, and with limited time and recourses - most of the student still do not receive all the help they need to succeed. Nason tells Kate she spends too much time worrying about what her school doesn’t have, and too little about the schools problems - namely attendance and test scores. Astonished, Kate asks Nason what he suggests. Nason avoids the question and says he needs to leave for another meeting. Nason tells Kate she needs to create a report over the next month about how Kate and her staff are attempting to cope. Frustrated, Kate realizes by the time a moths is over, summer will have started and her report will be stored in a filing cabinet somewhere, never to be seen again.


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