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Lecture 12 - Chapter 9: Adult Sexual Relationships

by: Leslie Ogu

Lecture 12 - Chapter 9: Adult Sexual Relationships HLWL 1109

Marketplace > George Washington University > Health and Wellness > HLWL 1109 > Lecture 12 Chapter 9 Adult Sexual Relationships
Leslie Ogu
GPA 3.01

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About this Document

The kinds of sexual relationships have differs by couples and environments. In college, there tends to be more of a hook-up culture, but as one grows, people seem to concentrate more on building a ...
Human Sexuality
Philip W. Lucas
Class Notes
Human, sexuality, cohabitation, sex, marriage, adults, Relationships, Environment, hookup, Culture, Couples, males, femals, homosexual, heterosexual, kids, decisions, agreements, movement, dating, breaking, up
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leslie Ogu on Friday October 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HLWL 1109 at George Washington University taught by Philip W. Lucas in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views. For similar materials see Human Sexuality in Health and Wellness at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 10/14/16
Leslie Ogu HLWL 1109 10/13/2016 - ​ hapter 9: Adult Sexual Relationships Takeaways from the Chapter ● The comparison between heterosexual and homosexual relationships was interesting in terms of the role of the initiator ● The intention of marriage for those who cohabitate seemed low ● Those who cohabitated tended to have less healthy relationships ● The divorce rate is about 50% ● People believe that cohabitation isn’t always the best step and can have terrible outcomes ● People think living together is a better alternative and less risky than marriage Movement Happening Today about Not Having Kids ● People are thinking of the benefits of not having kids ● There are many alternatives and things you could do if you didn’t have kids ● Relationships are better than material things ● Children are not material ● Some people use alternatives like pets ● This is definitely a topic to discuss before marriage ● There’s the problem of who will stay home to take care of the children Did an activity during class about things to ask for in a marriage Questions: ● Would you like to have children? If so, how many? If not, why not? ● Where would you want to live? City? Rural? Suburban? Why? ● Would you like your partner to take on your last name? Would you mind if your partner did not take on your last name? Is this a major issue for you? ● Would you like a career after marriage? How would you determine who stays with the kids? ● What age would you like to have kids? ● What age would you like to get married? ● What are you willing to compromise on? What is a deal breaker? Outcomes ● Many people do not think of these questions before marriage ● These questions can make or break a relationship ● Sometimes we have plans of how we want things will go but it doesn’t work out that way ● Our family and upbringing has an influence on our answers to these questions and what we want ** Assignments for Contraceptives Given During Class ** Early Dating Experiences ● The dating years usually begin in high school in the United States Interracial and Intercultural Dating ● Today’s college students include largest group of mixed-race students in U.S. history ○ The result is a big increase in mixed-race dating ● Correlations exist between religious and political views and dating outside of one’s race or ethnicity ● Large age differences may be perceived as socially unacceptable Sexuality in Dating Relationships ● In college, “hooking up” is becoming more common (79% - 85%) ○ Fewer than 10% of hookups progress into committed relationships ○ Women are more likely than men to want a committed relationship out of a hookup ● Society links sexuality with youth, although most elderly are sexually interested and active Breaking Up ● The person who initiated the breakup often feels less distress, but guilt ● Some rejected partners become obsessive about the lost relationship ● Social support is important in recovering from a breakup


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