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Contemporary Business Chapter 2 Notes

by: Porsha Williams

Contemporary Business Chapter 2 Notes BUS 1101

Marketplace > Berkeley College > Business > BUS 1101 > Contemporary Business Chapter 2 Notes
Porsha Williams


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About this Document

These notes cover chapter 2
Career and Business Essentials
Joel Reichart
Class Notes
business, businessethics
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Porsha Williams on Friday October 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BUS 1101 at Berkeley College taught by Joel Reichart in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see Career and Business Essentials in Business at Berkeley College.


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Date Created: 10/14/16
Career and Business Essentials Contemporary Business, National 16th Ed. Chapter 1 issues such as conservation, employment practices,  18 Vocabulary Terms environmental protection, and philanthropy Business ethics – standards of conduct and moral  values regarding right and wrong actions in the  work environment Sarbanes­Oxley Act of 2002 – federal legislation  created in the wake of the Enron scandal, designed  Green marketing – a marketing strategy that  to deter and punish corporate and accounting fraud  promotes environmentally safe products and  production methods and corruption, and to protect the interests of  workers through enhanced financial disclosures,  criminal penalties on CEOs and CFOs who defraud  Corporate philanthropy – effort or an  investors, safe­guards for whistle­blowers, and  organization to make a contribution to the  establishment of a new regulatory body for public  communities in which it earns profits accounting firms Consumerism – the public demand that a business  Conflict of Interest – a situation in which an  considers the wants and needs of its customers in  employee must choose between a business’s welfare making decisions and personal gain Product liability – the responsibility of  Integrity – adhering to deeply felt ethical principles manufacturers for injuries and damages caused by  in business situations their products Whistle­blowing – an employee’s disclosure to  Family leave – Family and Medical Leave Act of  1993. States that employers with 50+ employees  company officials, government authorities, or the  media of illegal, immoral, or unethical practices  must provide unpaid leave up to 12 weeks annually  committed by an organization for any employee who wants time off for the birth  or adoption of a child, to become a foster parent, or  Code of conduct – forma statement that defines  to care for a seriously ill relative, spouse, or self how tie organization expects employees to resolve  ethical issues Discrimination – biased treatment of a job  candidate or employee Stakeholders – customers, investors, employees,  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  and public affected by or with an interest in a  (EEOC) – created to increase job opportunities for  company women and minorities and to help end  Social responsibility – obligation to consider  discrimination based on race, color, religion,  profit, consumer satisfaction, and societal well­ disability, gender, or national origin in any  personnel action being of equal value in evaluating the firm’s  performance Sexual harassment – unwelcome and inappropriate Social audits – formal procedures that identify and  actions of a sexual nature in the workplace evaluate all company activities that relate to social  Sexism – discrimination against members of either  sex, but primarily affecting women Porsha K. Williams | Berkeley College Career and Business Essentials Contemporary Business, National 16th Ed. Chapter 1 Porsha K. Williams | Berkeley College Co",\tn 1 oyorg Burine!$r C-h, ) Co,rru"^ {t" air,icul o^a Sccia.trt j.rr"*, ' a.) B*r s,n>s € +xlcs b )Jer, >\ R"rs1:on:.t; L5 c,) Btsixos$-os hiru rasfo,{riH li{i-q}.}s-"q c,rrS{onr{nsoranFloy{os,ir-,,v-S$}o}n-J }0ci{fy [, A,s (rrr+a-Far]ur,"€]loel[ Env."rornhacnt ).J eD!.ba.,o,--O*tJ.., r:tt ot -- ) t)or\lrJ _-_{\.{utl "f d0\Jd; t) 3 sluqus rf J,.Oirldu>\ €*h;cs -ll Ft-cJ^ve,a\ion-a\-l Isohrng ,.* $or-yorrxLs - t) edrs"'"\- 0". y*'Jot€*- Is.crq5 Ft+cpnv. 5r.rp, t ).)llorut|r, f"'+o'r;*y 3) U) r.s+l{-btowir,o Ll,)Lqs\19 us. Tr'rS., t. ilo* Urq{^izaltons Shueo €}hlca\ a,)\ N* rrtyrr)s Codt Co,.Cuu+ of, b,)E-Ih,cafd"co}'0n - E-)tiea]*.aL,,",-i c,)Elktct\ A c\!,o1- AJdrqs:i,n,q{).q s$.r0$ d,)[+l.,lrolLa.bdqrchr-'o{{hi.J to-,harroorr- l"Ac\1",q Rup^s,t\q {o Su*is-R, -Sscir"\ a.)Soc,{l Nua, \: J \,){i.tri r^nblr-on _ (.or,,oon"{u C,) PXI\u"-+!.o{+t i,) fuxv il H} d) C"nlv,'.5-014\s11o L,\ S+,r,tr= u) Dr:rdut\ L, ub,\,'1, o {.)Rrjn+s -\"\a-f;$.;r-J, k fkoose,+" [r lltorA F>,n^Iy Ll au u I )


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