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Western Art Week 7 Notes

by: THeller97

Western Art Week 7 Notes ART 225-02


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About this Document

These notes cover the end of chapter 15, all of 16 and 14.
Overview of Western Art
Pitluga, Kurt W
Class Notes
WesternArt, Art
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by THeller97 on Friday October 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ART 225-02 at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania taught by Pitluga, Kurt W in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Overview of Western Art in Art History at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.


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Date Created: 10/14/16
EARLY RENAISSANCE CONTINUED-- Botticelli - “Little Barrel” ● The Birth of Venus 1480 ○ First work of the renaissance to deal with pagan myth ○ Most interested in decorative pattern ○ Elongates Venus to accentuate her beauty ○ Equated to Virgin Mary ○ Neoplatonism ■ Attempt to combine pagan philosophy and christian theodicy ■ To get closer to god, was through contemplation through beauty ● “The Nativity” ○ Pyramidal composition ○ Medici family within setting of painting ■ Offended many and anger grew towards the Medici Rise of Fra Savonarola 1491-1498 ● Convinced many to destroy material goods ● “Bonfire of Vanities” ○ Destroying the things that make you vain ○ Medici’s expelled from florence in 1498 ● Burned at stake CHAPTER 16: HIGH RENAISSANCE 1500-1525 ROME “The Golden Age” Pope Julius II ● Wants to restore grangor of Rome ● Restore old, ancient aquaducts to encourage people to come to Rome Leonardo DaVinci 1452-1519 ● Universal Man ○ ​One who is gifted and excels in many areas ● Notebooks 1470-1519 ○ Excelling in botany ○ Explored astronomy ○ Human dissections ○ Inventor ■ Bikes, tanks, helicopters, weapons, etc. ● Sfumato ○ Smoky or hazy ○ Incorporating atmospheric quality into paintings ● “Last Supper” 1498, Milan ○ Fresco painting ■ Fresh ○ Fresco experiment ■ Painted on dry plaster, but done with wax and paint ■ Failed experiment ● Flaked paint ○ Used Christ’s head as vanish point ○ Balance and symmetry ○ Selects moment where Christ states “One of you shall betray me” ■ Catches reaction of all ■ Judas is the only other to have hands on table along with money bag ● Displays that he is betrayer. ● “Mona Lisa” 1503-1506 ○ Oil paints ■ Render soft, warm, supple flesh ■ Questionable expression ● Catches between two expressions ○ Smile and frown ■ Stolen twice in early 20th century ○ Questions why he kept painting Michelangelo 1475-1564 ● Good example of “Universal Man” as well ● Always fancied sculpture ○ Left many sculptures unfinished ○ Worked from front to back of sculpture ○ Completed relief sculpture at 12 years old ● “David” 1501-1504 ○ Florence ○ 18’ of marble done by himself ○ Male nude figure was most beautiful form created by God for artistic expression ○ Michelangelo selects moment before battle with Goliath unlike Donatello who picks moment after battle ○ Action and contemplation ■ Neoplatonic ideas used in his works of art ● “Sistine Chapel Ceiling” 1508-1512 ○ His first fresco painting ○ Vatican ○ Commissioned by Pope Julius II ■ Private chapel of the Pope ○ Ceiling just had stars previous to the painting ○ Used illusionistic painting to divide the ceiling into nine main paintings ■ Deals with creation, fall, and redemption of humans ■ Jeremiah ● Melancholy ● Said to be portrait of himself ■ Female prophet ● Loved to create challenging forms ○ Creation of Adam ■ Most celebrated of nine panels ■ Stretches down center of ceiling ■ Simplified details of beings and created bold, detailed patterns ● Action and contemplation ■ Painting of God inspired by “Laocoon” from Ancient Greeks ● Ironic since this was a pagan figure ○ Rebuilding of “St. Peter’s Basilica” 1546-1564, Rome ■ Pope Julius II decided to make the basilica bigger and better ■ Wanted to surpass classical past ■ Michelangelo was 80 years old at time ● Did not want pay for rebuilding ○ His way of giving back ● Did not want assistance ■ Greek Cross Plan ● Centralized ● Heavily modified after his death by elongating design for long nave ● Two shelled dome ○ Inner shell to be seen from interior ○ Outer shell to be seen from outdoors ■ Space in between domes ■ Walk through shells leading to top of dome ● Apse ○ Much visual movement ■ Made like the “rippling muscles of a man’s body” ■ Angolating ● Wave movement ■ Drum was only made by time of death ● Left a model of the dome for architects to refernce to ○ Much movement as well ■ State capitol buildings follow two basic structures ● St. Pauls ● St. Peters Rapheal 1483-1520 ● Very wealthy and popular ● Child prodigy ● “School of Athens” 1510, Vatican ○ Most famous fresco in Vatican ○ Contains all of the great minds of the past ● CHAPTER 14: Artistic Innovations in fifteenth Century Northern Europe ● ● ● ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ● Illusion of flickering movement ○ Walking in Piazza and appears the columns are shifting back and forth and you move ● Francesco Borromini ○ Designed smaller churches ○ SanCarlo alle Quattro Fontane, Rome 1638-1667 ■ Quattro Fontane = “Of the four fountains”


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