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Social Psychology Week 8 Notes

by: Bailey Anderson

Social Psychology Week 8 Notes PSY 270-001

Marketplace > Indiana State University > Psychology > PSY 270-001 > Social Psychology Week 8 Notes
Bailey Anderson

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About this Document

These notes are for week 8 before the second exam.
psy orientation soc psy
Dr. Sheets
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bailey Anderson on Friday October 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 270-001 at Indiana State University taught by Dr. Sheets in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see psy orientation soc psy in Psychology at Indiana State University.


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Date Created: 10/14/16
Social Psychology Week 8 Notes  Cult Influence o What is a cult?  Distinctive ritual beliefs directed by good or person  Isolation from surrounding community  Charismatic leader o Examples:  Heaven’s gate: group of people committed suicide  Branch Davidians: shootout with FBI  People’s Temple: largest mass suicide in modern history  Founded by Jim Jones  IN native, neglected, Pentecostal.   Moved to San Francisco where he helped in food kitchens,  was a social activist and was very respected  1974 founded “utopian” community in Guyana  Investigations led him to relocate church to Guyana­nearly  1000 followers went  “concerned relatives” called Congressman Leo Ryan  Ryan went down in 1978  Was initially impressed, but passed notes saying “I’m trapped”  Arranged to take 15 with him; 4 gunned down (including Ryan)  “Revolutionary Act­ suicide” (practiced: White nights): Jones  made everyone drink something with cyanide in it which killed  them. 909 followers died  What makes people willing to follow (to suicide)? o Before making attributions to people (personality), think social psychologically   Message o Warmth/acceptance  Good feelings/similarity o Exchange responsibility for security (“I will take care of you”)  Reciprocation­ they are willing to take care of you, all you have to do is  follow o Vision for future (that must be prepared for)  Commitment/consistency  o Limits choices and access to outside sources of info  Social proof o Undesirable thoughts are banished (singing/chanting­keeps them from thinking  about other things or about the outside)  Cohesion/social proof  Audience  o In transitions­ because they are questioning things and not sure what’s next  Young people looking for identity/belonging (or at crossroads)  Middle class (trusting)  Not only uneducated/unthinking, but educated/disgusted   Persuader (Leader) o Appears credible and gains mythic status   Authority   Mode o Members sent immediately to recruit/work  Attitudes follow our actions  How can we “fight” persuasive influence? o Knowledge is power, but not all­powerful o Are there ways to “inoculate” people from persuasion? 1. Challenge beliefs just enough to encourage counterarguments  Try to persuade via central route, but with weak arguments, leading  counterargument development 2. Make people comfortable questioning authorities/others  Role­playing can help reduce effect of social proof  Or give practice analyzing advertising/persuasive claims Exam: no essay. 44 multiple choice, 6 matching. Lectures and text book materials.  Chapters 5, 6 and 7  Coke singing commercial o Peripheral­ generates a good feeling, don’t have to think about anything  Life alert commercial o Central­ makes you think and makes you want to get it o Peripheral?­ a doctor recommending it but, they are trying to make you think­so it is central  Coke commercial ringtone o Peripheral­ liking: generating good feelings o Central?­ no, not argument causing you to think  Dell (Steven) o Central­ social proof, conformity  Joy of Pepsi (over coke) o Peripheral­ liking: generating humor which generates good feelings, scarcity:  showing that Pepsi is worth more because he stands on the coke,  commitment/consistency (work for it)  Audi (All In a car) o Central­ makes you think o Peripheral­ scarcity   Toyota (it’s a trap) o Central­ makes you think that getting a Toyota is a trap because you never see a  Toyota broken down o Peripheral­ liking: physical attractiveness  Pepsi challenge o Peripheral  Fruit flavored condom o Peripheral­ humor making you laugh and feel good,  Bud light (axe and chainsaw) o Central o Peripheral­ humor  Pocket hose o Central­ making an argument asking you to compare it to a normal hose o “buy now and you get this”­ add ons o Peripheral­ Scarcity (call now and you get this for a special price)  Apple Macintosh o Reactance­ need for individuality­ desire not to be influenced to influence


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