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Week 7 Notes HIST 106 Collopy Part 2

by: Sara_vanae

Week 7 Notes HIST 106 Collopy Part 2 HIST 106

Marketplace > Texas A&M University > HIST 106 > Week 7 Notes HIST 106 Collopy Part 2
Texas A&M

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About this Document

Collopy Notes week 7
History of the US
William Collopy
Class Notes
War, history'106, collopy, Women, amendment, prohibition, Blacks, whites, Culture, flappers, treaties
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sara_vanae on Friday October 14, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 106 at Texas A&M University taught by William Collopy in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.


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Date Created: 10/14/16
Paris Peace Conference  Wilson led US delegation  No republicans invited  Democrats lost both houses in 1918  Republicans opposed the Charter ****US did not join the League of Nation Post-War Problems  Labor unrest  Racial violence  “Red Scare” o Concern amongst populist who look at what is going on in Russia. Different economic policy. People in US say to throw out democracy. o Violent acts by radicals o Deportations o Labor unions weaken Prosperity  1922-1929  Explosion of autos  Domestic electricity  Household appliances  Radio  Advertising Economy  Crop prices dropped o Not good for farmers  Open shop: anyone can show up and get a job o Closed shop: couldn’t join unless had a membership in the union  Union membership slipped  Welfare capitalism o Pensions o Cafeterias o Vacations Trends  Prohibition: 18 Amendment (1919)  Speakeasies o Pay off the police and judges to continue business o Gangsters o (Ostensibly) looser sexual mores Republican Return  President Warren G Harding  Gets in office in 1920  Motto: Return to normalcy o Get businesses back  Died in office in 1923  President Calvin Coolidge  Former MA governor o Broke Boston Police strike o Police union doesn’t really recover from this  Motto: “Business of America is business” Immigration  US says enough  Limited numbers  Principally northern Europe  Immigration Act (1924) Culture  F, Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby  Harlem renaissance o People start to pay attention to what blacks write in poetry, songs, etc. o Writers o Artists o Intellectuals Harlem Renaissance  Urban League: Opportunity  Alain Locke o Rhodes Scholar o The New Negro  Langston Hughes o Poet o Novelist Women  Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) o Doesn’t happen o Principally because people thought they already had rights  Smaller families  More working women  The 20’s  A “Flapper” o Short, cropped hair o Wore dresses above the knee o “flat look” – wore corsets to appear flat chested Post War US  Red Scare o Bolsheviks o Radical violence o Attorney General A Mitchell Palmer


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