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Week 8 Recitation Notes for Monday and Wednesday

by: Stephanie Lawrence

Week 8 Recitation Notes for Monday and Wednesday ANTH 1115-001

Marketplace > University of Colorado at Boulder > ANTH 1115-001 > Week 8 Recitation Notes for Monday and Wednesday
Stephanie Lawrence


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About this Document

Meal to Carnival--> Creolized culture practices in the British Caribbean
Caribbean and Post-Colonial
Professor Roland
Class Notes
british, Caribbean, Myal, carnival
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Stephanie Lawrence on Saturday October 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 1115-001 at University of Colorado at Boulder taught by Professor Roland in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views.


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Date Created: 10/15/16
Friday, October 14, 2016 Recitation #5 Myal to Carnival—> Creolized Culture Practices in British Caribbean ~Jamaican Religious Roots (Chevannes) *Protestant Christianity -Baptist (from US) *native Baptist Movement *incorporates Myal -Great Revival (from Ireland vis Britain and US) *Zion Revival (prophets/angels) *Pukumina (fallen angels/ satanic spirits) *both incorporate africanism (convulsions/spirit possession) *Revivalism -Myal Roots (African umbrella) *Distant (God/intermediates) *Healing *Multiple understandings of soul -Obeah (not religion) *sorcery ~Roots of Rastafarianism *Marcus Garvey (UNIA) -United Negro Improvement Association *getting blacks back to Africa—> black pride movement *Prophecy of black messiah -“Ethiopia shall soon stretch forth her arms unto God (Psalm 68;31” 1 Friday, October 14, 2016 *Ras (Prince) Tarfari Makonnen—> Haile Selassie l -Free Ethiopia in colonized Africa -Claims he is Davidic lineage via Solomon/Sheba -Ethiopians did not believe he was the messiah because he was a brutal dictator -To rastas, he is the king of Earth ~1930-1940 *Rasta Orthodoxy -Black God embodied by black people (men) -to show their Rasta—> anti-establishment practices (facial hair) -urban embrace ~1940 *Young converts increase anti-establishment practices -changes in Rasta practices *dreadlocks *ganja smoking *I-Talk *Reggae Music -no religious connotation *Food practices (I-tal) -refusing to eat leftovers because they don’t want to be like slaves *Export to other islands ~1980 *Globalization and waning orthodoxy -losing revolutionary meaning to Rasta 2 Friday, October 14, 2016 -Rasta women speak out, prominent role -Rasta symbolism (colors, dreads, marijuana) diffused/emptied *people do not believe in religion use this ~Popular Culture and Regentrification of carnival (Ho) *Hegemony: Domination of one group by another by means of consent rather than by force -dominant group must concede to desires of subordinate group to obtain consent *Traditional Intellectuals disseminate the interest of dominant ideology Civil Societies—> schools, church, home, government, mass media *Organic Intellectuals represent the interest of subordinate groups -leaders in resistance and counter-hegemony -Popular Culture: “process of resistance where ordinary people creatively use cultural forms to contest dominate discourse” (Ho) -how everyday people use creativity to get their voices heard and interest represented EX. Bob Marley *some aspect of pop culture oppose domination, others reinforce it ~Evolution of Trinidad’s Carnival *Mas (Masquerade and Dance) -began with the French Elite *catholic Lenten practices and period social inversions -Creole Canboulay “speaks back” to new British colonizers *people’s carnival begins in 1839 (post-emancipation) *1840 import asian indentured workers (Trinidad and Guyana majority East Indian) 3 Friday, October 14, 2016 *Pan (Steeldrum) -slavery era prohibitions agains skin drumming -slum youth play discarded oil drums gayer discovery of oil in Trinidad -Carnival neighborhood competition (not commoditized) -Gentrification when Chancellor Eric William promotes on political campaigns *working for the union people, becoming popular/national *”college boys” *Calypso -possible evolved from African stick-fighting (Kalinda) *verbal sparring in patois *British miss hidden critique -Calypsonians as “organic intellectuals” *Banana Boat Song *”bottom up” consciousness raising *largely male -commodification upon US occupation -Hybridization: Soca, Chutney, Chutney Soca, Rapso ~”Prettyfication" of Carnival *French, creoles, indians, unite to support carnival against British *rise in pageantry and prizes *internationally recognized of Carnival 4


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