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CC301 Introduction to Ancient Greece, Week 8

by: C. Johnson

CC301 Introduction to Ancient Greece, Week 8 CC 301

Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > History > CC 301 > CC301 Introduction to Ancient Greece Week 8
C. Johnson

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About this Document

These notes cover the lectures from Week 8
Introduction to Ancient Greece
Stephanie Craven
Class Notes
oresteia, lysias, athens, athensjudicialsystem
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by C. Johnson on Saturday October 15, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CC 301 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Stephanie Craven in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Ancient Greece in History at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 10/15/16
10/10/16 - Oresteia Continued Monday, October 10, 2016 10:00 AM I. Agamemnon a. How to commita murder i. Shouting offstage ii. Chorus in disarray iii. Ekkuklema: Staging the murdered bodies b. Cycles of wrongs i. Helen ii. Iphigeneia iii. Tantalus iv. Atreus and Thyestes II. Choephoroi (Libation Bearers) a. Arrival of Orestes, son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra b. Electra his sister c. Recognitions and disguises d. 7 years after Agamemnon e. Orestes returns in disguise to surprise his sister III. Eumenides a. Eumenides = "the kindly ones" b. Erinyes = the Furies c. Semnai Theai = "the awesomegoddesses" d. Settings i. Apollo's temple at Delphi ii. Temple of Athena Polias on the Acropolis of Athens e. Orestes on Trial i. Orestes is the defendant ii. The Erinyes are the prosecutors iii. Apollo is Orestes' lawyer iv. Athena is judge, along with jury of Athenian citizens v. Aetiological myth for homicide court at Athens 10/14/16 - Lysias, On the Murder of Eratosthenes Saturday, October 1, 2016 2:47 PM Going to Court in ClassicalAthens I. Areopagus a. Originally a council consisting of nine former archons b. Reformsby Perikles and Ephialtes c. Redistribution of powers to other governing bodies d. Became almostexclusively a homicide court II. The Athenian Judicial System a. Types of cases i. Homicide ii. Violations of sacred laws iii. Lawsuits iv. Inheritance claims v. Fitness assessmentfor/ Malfeasance by Officials b. Procedure i. Prosecutorspeaks first ii. Defendant speaks second iii. Reading of laws and/or documents iv. Witnesses 1) Questioning witnessesin court 2) Reading statementsfrom absent witnesses 3) Presenting information from slave torture c. Character/Credibility i. Upstanding citizen? ii. Upstanding citizens willing to vouch for you? iii. Not too litigious… polypragmatosyne (someonewho gets involvedin a lot of business) (you don't want to go to court too often) iv. Slightly theatrical III. Lysias 1: On the Murder of Eratosthenes a. Late 5th-early4th century BCE b. Wealthy metic, eventual citizen c. Logographer - including forensic speeches (speech writer) d. On the Murder of Eratosthenes - trial probably at the Delphinion


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