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Week Two Notes

by: Brittany Lopez

Week Two Notes PSY 7

Marketplace > LSBU > Psychology (PSYC) > PSY 7 > Week Two Notes
Brittany Lopez

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About this Document

Assessment One
Introduction to Clinical Skills
Jacqui Lawrence
Class Notes
Psychology, clinical, Clinical Assessment
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brittany Lopez on Sunday October 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 7 at LSBU taught by Jacqui Lawrence in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Clinical Skills in Psychology (PSYC) at LSBU.


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Date Created: 10/16/16
Assessment One  Different types of assessment o Medical assessment o OT assessment o Psychometric assessment o Generic mental health assessment o Therapy assessment  Counselling assessment  Cognitive behavioral assessment  Plus many more specific therapy ones  Modes of assessment o Assessment interview o Direct observation o Self monitoring o Self monitoring o Self report clinical measures o Info from key people o Info from past records  Function of Assessment o To establish trust and build rapport o Gather info about main problems o Info about other problems o Simplify complex problems into manageable target areas o Past experiences/treatment o To establish suitability for interventions o To begin formulating the target problem o To devise a treatment plan o To educate the client about interventions o Allow client to make informed decision  Specific style and format o Based on the experimental method o Active, on­going process of generating and testing hypotheses (more than fact  finding) o Expresses concepts in operational terms o Detailed: assess specific cognitions, emotions and behaviors o Focused on current problems o Formulation­driven o Transparent: the rationale is presented to the client o Collaborative  Screening vs. Full Assessment o Screening/triage  To determine suitability  Face to face or telephone  Identity risk  30 ­ 45 mins. Approx. o Full Assessment  Necessary for treatment  Normally face to face  Also can determine suitability and assess risk  60 ­ 120 mins. Approx  Repeated appointments might be needed  Typical format­ Full Assessment (* necessary for screening) o Preparation o Introductions * o Ground rules * Overview of the issue * o  What, where, with whom and when  Feared consequence  Safety behaviors and avoidance  Details of issue (Frequency, intensity, number, duration)  Recent incident analysis  Impact on life/functioning o Recent incident analysis o Impact on life/functioning * o Psychiatric history * o Family history o Personal history o Substance use * o Physical health * o Brief mental state examination o Risk assessment * o Motivation * o Problems and goals * o Explanation of possible interventions o Brief formulation o Outcome * o Conclusion *  Introducing the Assessment o Introductions o Purpose of assessment o Your status, who you are o Permission for taping sessions and/or case studies o Duration of assessment­may need to have two session o Content of assessment o Confidentiality including reports o Allow questions


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