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by: Udbluehen03

Buddha.pdf WOMS 210


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About this Document

These notes cover everything on Buddha
Women and Religion
Professor Naccarelli
Class Notes
Women, Women's Studies
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Udbluehen03 on Sunday October 16, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to WOMS 210 at University of Delaware taught by Professor Naccarelli in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views. For similar materials see Women and Religion in Women and Gender studies at University of Delaware.


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Date Created: 10/16/16
Movie – Buddha Siddhartha Part 1 - A prince among a clan of warrior - Shielded from pain and suffering - Married his cousin when he was 16 o Had a son o Loved his wife - He left the palace for the first time when he was when he was 29 o He saw the world’s suffering sickness and death - After the experience he left the palace o He was determined to comprehend the nature of suffering - It is said that Siddhartha had lived many lives before this one o As countless animals and humans o Experiencing life in all its human form - Siddhartha joined renouncers o He met five people that practiced asceticism o It is believed that if you punish the body it begins to have no influence o By subduing the flesh, they can gain spiritual power - Siddhartha punished himself for 6yrs - He then realized his still hasn’t found the answer to his question which is how to suffering - On the verge of death, he realized that joy is already in the world and that everything is connected - Then a woman gave a rice porridge for Siddhartha was weak and hungry o This showed the generosity of women o For Siddhartha, grace came from an ordinary kindness of a girl o Compared the Christianity where grace comes from the divine The Buddha Part 2 - Siddhartha sat down under a tree o He wasn’t going to leave until he had found answer to his question - Mara lord of Desire o Challenged Buddha o His army of demons attacked Buddha but their weapons became flowers o He sent his three daughters to seduce him but it didn’t work - Buddha reached down to touch the ground and the earth shock; Mara’s demons ran - He meditated throughout the night o All forms of life passed before him o He had cosmic vision - At morning o He roared like a lion o His mind was at peace o He had finally found answers o He had become the awaken one, the Buddha - For weeks he remained under the tree - At first he was afraid to teach the people - At 35 o He started to teach people o He failed at his first attempt o Then he saw his former five companions o They mocked him and said he was weak o Then Buddha shared his experience o They were his first success and disciple Women and Buddhism: Key concepts, Foundational Females and the Sangha The Buddha - Siddhartha Gautama: 463-383 BCE - Married at 16 - Wandering ascetic at 29 - Became Buddha “enlightened one” at 35 - Said to have taught for 45yrs Female figures in the Buddha’s life - Mother – Mahamaya - Wife – Yasodhara - Aunt/Wet Nurse – Prajapati - Rice woman – Sujata - The earth goddess Mother - Buddha was conceived without defilement - Virgin birth like Jesus - Fruit of the womb - Exceptional femininity Wife - Represents passion, earth pleasure, distraction - Had a son Aunt/Wet Nurse - Buddha needed a wet nurse because of his mother died after his birth - Demanded Buddha to allow women in his teaching Rice Woman - Embodiment female compassion and generosity - Model for women who choose not to be sangha Earth goddess - Aid in Buddha’s enlightenment The Four Noble Truths Emerging from his Nirvana (state of egoless bliss) he realized 1. Life is inevitably saturated with suffering (birth, sickness, old age and death) 2. Desire and yearning is the cause of suffering (suffering originates in our desires) 3. Suffering will cease if all our desires cease 4. Realization of Nirvana consists of wisdom Morality, complementation. This realization is acquired via the eight-fold path The noble eightfold path - A system to correct our thinking, speech, actions and livelihood through skillful refraining and quieting of the mind. 1. Right view 2. Right intuition 3. Right speech 4. Right action 5. Right livelihood 6. Right effort 7. Right mindfulness 8. Right concentration How do we determine what constitutes “Right”? - Loss of ego (sense of permanence) - Understanding interdependent origination Buddhism vs Hinduism - No atman/no soul - Most away from ritual maintenance of Gods - Female Ascetics: The Sangha - Women and men have same capacity for Nirvana Rules of the Sangha - A way to access attitude towards women - Two sets of rules. One for men and one for women - Both sets often seek to regulate erotic and sexual activities - Male rules predate female rules Sangha rules for nuns - Nuns ae bound by eight additional rules 1. Request ordination in presence of monks 2. Seek instruction from monks every half a month 3. Spend no rainy season (time of settled living and meditation) apart from the guidance of the monks 4. Monks with nuns participate in penitential ceremony at the end of the rainy season 5. Never accuse monks of defects but allow monks to accuse 6. Don’t be angry or scold a monk 7. Do penances every half a month for infraction of rules 8. Even if a nun is 100yrs old the nun must revere the youngest of monks.


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