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Chapter 6 - COMM2320

by: Ailia Owen

Chapter 6 - COMM2320 COMM 2320

Ailia Owen
GPA 2.9
Fundamentals of Media Production
Craig Warren Crowe

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About this Document

Chapter 6 notes
Fundamentals of Media Production
Craig Warren Crowe
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ailia Owen on Friday April 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 2320 at University of Houston taught by Craig Warren Crowe in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 220 views. For similar materials see Fundamentals of Media Production in Communication at University of Houston.

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Date Created: 04/03/15
CH 6 Audio and Sound 4315 543 PM Aesthetics of audio Realism realistic sounds in relation to images 0 Stimulate and illusion of reality 0 Reinforcing temporal and spatial continuity Modernism 0 Sounds independent of visuals 0 Abstract music to cover up sounds of natural events 0 Postmodernism o Emotionally involved with audience 0 Comediessci fi WHAT IS AUDIO Waves of energy analog vibrations o How it exists between us and source 0 Transducers convert one form of energy into another form 0 Electrical signal to digital Electrical current analog copy 0 Converted into a digital sound 0 Covert electrical energy into computer language 3 TYPES OF MICROPHONES and placements transducers vary between different types of mics Dynamic moving coil copper coil moves up and down a magnetized rod analog vibrations cross membrane Mylar vibrates 0 Handheld mics on camera draws energy from camera 0 Desk mics on camera 0 Shotgun off camera Ribbon foil suspended in magnetic field piece of gold best conducer suspended in magnetized field Some require power some don t 0 Sound stages replicate voice very closely to original source 0 Most expensive 60008000 can be 12000 0 Stand mics on and off camera Condenser two charged plates Mylar in front of one plate then another piece in between the 2 plates then back plate better quality then dynamic 0 Need power supply Lavaliere lav on camera Shotgun off camera Other off camera mics 0 Boom fish pole giraffe perambulator large base long arms can control used in studio 0 Hanging 0 Prop mics o Concealed lavs Wireless RFradio frequency transmitter and receiver needs to be plugged in o VHF lower cost wider use Problems with interference o UHF designed for radio and TV Can have more then 1 channel 0 Ultra UHF above the UHF band digital A bunch of different channels Interference something disturbs or disrupts transmission 0 Other wireless devices can interfere 0 Metal structures can block The best mic for the situation match the sound aesthetics and the different mic characteristics PICKUP PA39ITERNS how mics hear Omnidirectional dynamic o Sphere around it Bidirectional 2 heads side by side half spheres left and right side Unidirectional shotguns lavaliere Cardioid more focused point lavaliere Super cardioid more pointedtail SOUNDSIGNAL CONTROL Distortion unwanted change in a signal 0 Loudnesshigh level of recording 0 Noise unwanted addition to the signal 0 Ambient environmental can control 0 System equipment cheap equipment gives more noise 0 Signal to noise ratio desired sound to unwanted system sound SOUND INTENSITY MEASURMENT indication of volume or loudness of a sound signal 0 Volume unit meter VU 0 Electric volt meter that reads voltage shifts in sound intensity 0 dB decibel units of sound intensity 0 Peak program meter PPM 0 Measures electrical signals at peaks in sound intensity Red light signifies hitting peak 0 Lightemitting diodes LED 0 Measures instantaneous peak voltages Green yellow red hit peak CABLES still necessary 0 Professional have 2 conductor wire lines a ground and grounded shield reduces possibility of unwanted noise 0 Balanced less noise 0 XLR 3 cables 1 power 1 audio signal 1 grounded Nonprofessional 1 conductor wire and grounded shield o Unbalanced more noise 0 RCA redwhite cable plugged into TV and sound system Run into problems when using this type of cable for mics MIXING 0 Audio console combine sounds from several different sources 0 Faderssliders control signal levels volume 0 Commands o Fade inout gradual raise or lower 0 Segue fade of 1 signal immediately fade up of another Crossfade fade out of 1 signal while another fades in Open mic faderslider switched on Cut sound faderslider switched off Sound up and under fade up then lowered under another 0000 SOUND PERSPECTIVE the relationship of sound to space that parallels that of a picture 0 3 dimensions hasn t been possible up until recently to replicate actual 3 dimension sound 0 Leftright o Updown 0 Front of or behind 0 Stereo sound 0 Left right center 0 Surround sound 0 Left right center front or behind Dolby Digital 51 and 61 1 subwoofer bass is floor underneath aspect to surround sound 0 Speakers and channels 51 5 of speakers 1 subwoofer 4315 543 PM A microphone hears with Pickup patterns 2 Hand held microphones are usually what type of microphone dynamic 3 A condenser microphone needs a power source 4 What controls volume levels on an Audio Board Faderssliders 5 The audio cable that is balanced with three wires XLR


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