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Anthro Notes 3/30

by: Lindsay Notetaker

Anthro Notes 3/30 ANTH 0780

Lindsay Notetaker
GPA 3.7
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

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About this Document

Here are my notes for the week of March 30, including the film we watched on Wednesday, April 1. I hope they're helpful!
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lindsay Notetaker on Friday April 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 0780 at University of Pittsburgh taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views.


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Date Created: 04/03/15
330 Why Can t We Get Along Thinking Beyond Stratification Why talk about Ethnic Con icts Cleansing and Genocide Deserve more attention Work against sanitized portrayal 0 Has longterm real life consequences Relevance Those who can t remember the past are condemned to repeat it 0 Memory and learning from the mistakes from the past are crucial for avoiding the same things from reoccurring What can anthropology contribute 0 To understand the context of things like mass violencemurder What a world Cambodia war that left around 2 million dead Guatemala war that left 200000 dead Rwanda war that left 1 million dead from rivalry between 2 ethnic con icts that emerged in context of European colonialism Bosnia war that left 250000 dead from breakup of Yugoslavia and emergence of Serbia and Bosnia The Anthropological Silence Why Too slow too hesitant too re ective and ethnographic knowledge too local 0 Centered on little communities rather than the broader picture 0 By the time anthropologists had something to say it was usually long after the fact 0 Critique spending long periods of time in little communities and losing tact with larger context Fear of exacerbating Western stereotypes o Legitimate fear that the study of indigenous forms of human cruelty and mass killing would only exacerbate Western stereotypes of primitivity savagery and barbarism that took modern anthropology more than half a century to dislodge 0 Thought public would see people they study as barbaric Outdated notion of cultural relativism 0 Cultural relativism has played a key role in inhibiting anthropologists from studying things like genocide Theoretical Framework guiding ethnographic research 0 Anthropologists are always guided by a set of ideas about the culture they re about to study when they go into the eld 0 Neur Sudan EvansPritchard British anthropologist Evans Pritchard carried out eldwork in Southwestern Sudan guided by conceptual framework in which he isolated the Neur from broader political context of Sudan as if the Neur had never met the British I Discusses British presence among Neur I Sudan was a British colony and Neur was under British control 0 Bali Indonesia Clifford Geertz carried out work in Bali by isolating people he was working with from the wider context within which they lived I Cold War context and fact that Indonesia was ruled by military government I Guided by framework that downplayed con ict and violence What can Anthropologists dosay that might be relevant Argue against a culturalist spin to bloodshed 0 Role of cultural differences Tutsis vs Hutus Rwanda I Cultural differences aren t the cause of mass con icts there is no reason why that might be the case I Mass bloodshed between Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda exempli es how cultural differences aren t the cause of mass con icts 0 Importance of how con icts are labeled importance of language Emphasize Contexts Starting Points Leading to Mass Violence 0 Emphasize socioeconomic upheavals that might spur con icts in the future 0 Emphasize unequal distribution of opportunitiesprivilege that are important starting points for understanding con icts Commitment to an Engaged Anthropology 41 Forging Peace in Guatemala Film Civil War when government launched campaign against guerillas Campaign was to eliminate guerilla population in countryside Many civilian s homes were burned and people were massacred Over 500 villages were wiped off the map They are beginning to educate their people about human rights Most Mayans receive little or no education 75 can t read or write Mayans are the poorest part of Central America Land distribution is of the most unequal in the land 2 of the population own 65 of the farmland so many people don t own enough to support their families Every year thousands of Mayans travel south to the coast for labor Workers are paid less than minimum wage on plantations but landowners backed by military groups respond with repression when workers confront them about their pay Civil SelfDefense Patrols are the most hated military group they were created to ght the guerillas but ended up becoming an extension of the guerilla group committing crimes and massacres Patrols allowed criminal power to override their communities Many women widowed from the war have trouble living on their own


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